July 13th, 2017
From 7pm to 8pm
Open to The Public 
FSUCML Auditorium
3618 US-98
St. Teresa, FL 32358
Refreshments available before talk  
Future Storminess: Hurricanes & Tornadoes in a Warmer World
By Dr. James B. Elsner  Earl B. and Sofia H. Shaw Professor and Chair of Geography at Florida State University.
It's official.  As of June 1st, hurricane season is upon us, and it lasts till November.  While the peak season occurs from mid-August to late October, predicting storms involves a considerable amount of uncertainty. In fact, this year, forecasts suggest that there may be as many as 17 named storms.  While we do know what climate factors make some seasons more active than others, we don't have a perfect view of this.  

What storms will be like in the future is an important question, especially for those living in coastal communities. Scientists have yet to work out all the answers, but in this talk, you can expect to learn about some important clues. According to our speaker, Dr. Jim Elsner, hurricanes are getting stronger, driven by the increasing ocean warmth; and tornadoes are arriving in bigger and more powerful bunches.

Join us for this free lecture and learn about "Future Storminess".    
About the Speaker:
Dr. Elsner has studied hurricanes, tornadoes, and climate change for the past 25 years, writing two books on the topic of hurricanes and climate. He is also a veteran "storm chaser,"  something he does on occasion to track tornadoes in the central Plains, He has developed a statistical model from historical records to predict tornado activity in this region, and holds a particular interest in the relationship between  climate and tornadoes.   
Dr. Elsner earned his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  You can find out more about him on his website here: 

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