Lecture Eight:
Endrocrine Gland System
 From The Gospel of Sophia: A Modern Path of Initiation   
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Sixth Seal 
Earthly and Cosmic Nutrition Streams  

Outer, Inner and Secret Teachings                                                  

The Apocalypse of Sophia                                                              

The Mysteries of Revelation and Apocalypse                                       

The Revelation of St. John the Divine                                            

Ancient Mystery School Initiation                                                  

The Mysteries of Sophia                                                                  

Esoteric Anatomy and Physiology                          

Endocrine Gland System                                                 

A Spiritual View of the Glands                                                      

Earthly and Cosmic Nutrition Streams                                           

Foods of the Gods                                                                          

The Etherization of the Blood                                                         

The Tongues of Flame                                                                     

Sophia and the Etherization of the Blood                                       

The Eucharist as Spiritual Nutrition                                                

Vajrayogini's Tantric Wisdom                                                        

Plasma Generators in the Human Body                                          

Three Toroidal Fields of Force                                                        

Brain Waves and the Threefold Human                                          

The Three Worlds
Lecture Eight 
Endocrine Gland System

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Spiritual View of the Glands
Spiritual View of the Glands

The pineal and pituitary glands
hold the highest place of honor
in the endocrine system.  
   We now venture into the mechanics of how Sophia works with the physical body.  We already know how to interact with Sophia from the realm of the soul, reaching up into a higher spirit perception and the accompanying states of consciousness that arise in relationship with Her. 
   Sophia is not just a spiritual or soul-based experience.  She is a physical experience as well.  This is where the science meets the spirit.  As organs of spiritual perception are developed with increasing awareness of Sophia, the body undergoes physical changes. It is an extraordinary process, a phenomenal biological transformation. 
   Several concepts from current scientific research confirm the anatomical and physiological information you are about to read.  Even so, one must appreciate that the ancient seers had insight into the full workings of Sophia all along, and in many ways we are just now catching up to the past. 

   Most ancient traditions recognize that the human body is a temple of the spirit. There seems to be full agreement on this from all parts of the world.  Somehow, it is evident that we are created in the image of the divine.  The human is the microcosm of the great universal macrocosm that surrounds us. This is a spiritual truth.
   An aspirant of the spirit will find the study of occult anatomy very valuable.  We will focus in particular on the mechanics of the glands.  The so-called "ductless glands" have received the attention and praise of spiritual teachers in all traditions.  Spiritual effects emanating from the glands have been recorded as far back as the Atlantean and Lemurian civilizations, and even earlier.
   The pineal gland is important for spiritual development. In the occult literature, it is connected to the "third eye."
   As we proceed to discuss the glands and their relationship to the earthly and cosmic nutrition streams, we will need a starting place to ground the reader in both materialistic and spiritual science.  Both views are offered, then commentary provided that leads to a more comprehensive view of this most marvelous part of our physical nature.  The following will help you understand the bodily effects that Sophia will bring as you proceed toward greater communion with Her. 


Review of the glands
   In the endocrine system, hormones are the prime currency.  They communicate with, control, and coordinate bodily functions.  Synthesized and secreted by endocrine glands, a hormone is comprised of specific molecules and serves as an able messenger.
   The endocrine glands are ductless, which means, quite literally, that there are no ducts.  Secretions are released directly into the bloodstream and travel within the body to target specific organs.  This is in contrast to our digestive glands, which release digestive enzymes through ducts. 
   Each hormone's shape is specific, like a key to a lock.  It can be recognized by the corresponding target cell.  To maintain balance and homeostasis within the body, much hormonal regulation depends on feedback loops. 
   The major human endocrine glands include:
Pineal Gland - This gland is located near the center of the brain, and is stimulated by nerves from the eyes. The pineal gland secretes melatonin at night when it is dark, more in winter when the nights are longer.  This promotes sleep and affects reproductive functions by depressing the activity of the gonads.   It also affects thyroid and adrenal cortex functions.  The pineal is tied to circadian rhythms, annual cycles, and biological-clock functions.  It is associated with the Crown chakra and the planet Saturn.
Pituitary gland and the hypothalamus - The pituitary gland is called the "master gland," but is controlled by the hypothalamus.  Together they coordinate many other endocrine functions.  For example, they secrete hormones important to the female menstrual cycle, pregnancy, birth, and lactation. They influence growth, metabolism, and regeneration and serve to regulate hunger, thirst, sleep/wakefulness, and body temperature.  They are associated with the Brow chakra and the planet Jupiter.
Thyroid gland - Thyroid hormones regulate metabolism, body temperature, and weight. They contain iodine, which the thyroid needs in order to manufacture these hormones.  The thyroid secretes the hormones necessary for calcium absorption.  It is associated with the Throat chakra and the planet Mars.
Thymus gland - The thymus, associated with both the lymphatic and endocrine systems, is located in front of the heart and behind the sternum.  It uses thymosin to stimulate T-cell formation and educates T-cells of the adaptive immune system.   It is associated with the Heart chakra and the Sun.
Pancreas - The pancreas is a glandular organ in the digestive and endocrine system that produces important hormones like glucagon and insulin to stimulate release and absorption of glucose.  It secretes digestive enzymes that assist digestion and absorption of nutrients in the small intestine, breaking down carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids.  The pancreas is associated with the Solar Plexus chakra and the planet Venus.
Spleen - The spleen is located in the left upper quadrant of the abdomen and acts primarily as a blood filter, like a large lymph node.  It removes old red blood cells, holds a reserve of blood, and recycles iron.  It is associated with the Hara or Chi chakra and the planet Mercury.
Gonads or sex organs - In addition to producing gametes, the female ovaries and male testes also secrete hormones.  The secretion of sex hormones by the gonads is controlled by pituitary gland hormones.  Testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone are androgens secreted by these glands. They also control secondary sex characteristics. They are associated with the Sex chakra and the planet Moon.
Adrenal glands - These glands sit on top of the kidneys and consist of two parts, the outer cortex and the inner medulla.  The medulla secretes epinephrine, adrenaline, and other similar hormones in response to stressors such as fright, anger, caffeine, or low blood sugar.  The cortex secretes cortisone for anti-inflammation, maintains salt-and-water balance, and regulates carbohydrate and protein metabolism. Adrenal glands are associated with the Root or Base chakra and the planet Earth.
Discussion Questions for these Lectures
Discussion Questions  
1.      Why are the pineal and pituitary glands of high position in the study of AnthropoSophia?

2.      Why is the pineal gland associated with the Third Eye?

3.      How is the human body the microcosm of the universe? 

4.     How familiar are you with Steiner's work?  If so, what are your thoughts?


5.      Are you willing to "suspend disbelief" as you explore the amazing facts from Steiner about the workings of Sophia in the body and glands?


6.     Do you feel you have high spiritual aspirations or are still rooted in the earthly?  To what extent for each?

  Thank you Dave L. for sharing this poetry selection with readers.  Dave is an avid student of Rudolf Steiner and is known in anthroposophic circles for his thoughtful critiques and essays on spiritual science. When he is not busy with his worldly day job, he  writes inspiring poetry that 
brings the Imagination of the 
spiritual world to life.

Please enjoy a selection that 
he sent us recently.  After reading, close your eyes and allow the images to 
create your own
frame of angels. 

Landscape with Angels 

the rock caves show
  six sides of light;
 the earth an anvil, dark tons the hammer:
this forge formed quartz
    through angels
brown and crisp
   in autumn air;
  garments grow tentative, tatter, cascade
then rush in a race
    past angels
whiskers twitch,
   mouser naps in noontide sun;
  against the advancing heat, abruptly
stirs with a snap
    at angels
lightning shatters
   summer air; Thor's hammer
 splinter soul-a shout
like a blow
    from angels
wedding cake cut,
   granddad dozes
  oblivious to the banjoed air,
drunk with the drink
    of angels
buttresses arch
   above the nave;
  censors swing their pungent prayers
received in the apse
    by angels
wherever we go
   whatever we do
  unnoticed, uncalled, around it all
the frame is our life
   in angels

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What works and lives in us through growth, processing of nutrition and all formative forces in us: this is the other side of thinking.  Ordinary thinking only generates shadowy thoughts - it is the 'backside' of thinking.  What initially forms our instrument of thinking, that is, our brain and entire nervous system, is the creative power of thinking that is also the creative power of the etheric body or the body of formative forces. That is the other side."

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