March 24,

No. 42

AMS Weekly Newsletter
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One week  left  to apply for 2015 Fellows Program!
There is still time to get your application in for  AMS' 2015 Fellows Program .   The program, conducted  entirely in Chinese , is built around a one-week trip in June to Beijing and Shanghai to learn from experts and professors from Party schools and one of China's leading universities. AMS Fellows will engage with analysts who train rising Chinese leaders in order to develop an in-depth understanding of China's policy processes, goals, challenges, and perspectives, while honing their Chinese-language skills. All costs, including economy airfare from the U.S., are covered, except for visas.   Apply now!

On an administrative note, since we are a day late getting this newsletter out and have been unable to find any good 成语 from Xi Jinping's speeches in the last week, we are skipping that section for the first time. 很抱歉,但是有时候没办法...

Weekly Readings

Singaporean leader Lee Kuan Yew passed away today at age 91. A remarkable and polarizing figure who created modern Singapore, Lee also played an interesting role in U.S.-China relations. No other leader probably could claim to have develop as trusted relationships with as many U.S. and Chinese policymakers as Lee. He also remained an optimist about U.S.-China relations in terms of the ability of both governments to find a way to manage relations rather  than letting the relationship devolve into unrestrained competition. How Lee is treated by both American and Chinese writers offers a useful contrast in what each considers important about governing and leadership.
Weibo Watch

"Finally, someone has posted this." @一姐625's photos and words about a peddler in Wuhan have moved many as her post went viral today. The peddler lost her two children and all of her fingers in a fire, but is able to make handmade flowers from yarn and sell them by a subway exit. Some people want to know if Wuhanese weibers can help them buy one of the woman's smiling crocheted potted sunflowers. "We don't want everyone to donate," comments @LikeCrazyy. "You can if you like, but it's enough to repost and get more Wuhan friends to see this, and to go buy her flowers." Check out the post at .

Documentary of the Week

This week's documentary is Voice of America's roundtable on the "Two Sessions" and the CCP's position in China. It is a fascinating discussion around Xi Jinping's policies, China's rise, and how Americans see China. The panelists include an activist, academic, and journalist, providing a mix of perspectives from Chinese China experts based in the United States.
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