3nd Quarter 2015 - In This Issue:
On Friday, Nov. 6, Leebcor President John Karafa attended a ceremony commemorating the opening of the Atlantic Fleet's first Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Support Facility and the arrival of its first operational crews at Naval Station Mayport, Fla.

The Logistics Support Facility is a 59,444 SF two-story administrative support facility with classrooms, operations watch floor, library, administrative office space, video teleconference rooms and a crew lounge to support the LCS mission at Naval Station Mayport.
P030 Millington Marine Corps Reserve Center has achieved LEED Silver

The Marine Corps Reserve Center at Millington, TN has achieved USGBC LEED Silver certification.  The MCRC at Millington is a 30,130 SF training center with adjacent Vehicle Maintenance Facility. The MCRC houses weapons storage and cleaning areas, an assembly hall, classrooms, training rooms, medical office, laundry facilities and administrative offices.  Site features include tactical vehicle parking and storage, paved access and driveways, and security fencing. Congratulations to the entire project team at Millington for this success!
Memo from our President

Leebcor Services, LLC is fully committed to protecting people and the environment on all of our jobs.  All Leebcor personnel will rigorously strive to continually improve and enhance our safety program.  Safety involves everyone, every day, and on every job!  We all embrace universal accountability for safety and actively promote and maintain a safe work environment for everyone.  To enhance our company's overall safety posture, I have joined up with the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC), Virginia Chapter, where we will actively participate in their Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP) with the main purpose of continuing to strengthen our safety performance to reach world-class status.  Together we will achieve this objective.  Work smart and work safe!
Leebcor was featured in the business section of the local newspaper, The Daily Press, on July 1, 2015. To read the article about Department of Defense spending in the Hampton Roads area, please click here.

Several news outlets covered the ribbon cutting ceremony at the P425 LCS Logistics Support Facility. To read more about the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and the facility itself, click here. To read more about the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and the LCS program, click here.

The FY 2015 bid season was very active, but thanks to the hard work and dedication of the entire Leebcor Services team, we had the opportunity to pick and choose to bid on projects with the lowest risk profile and maximum return potential. We have been awarded more than 30 projects on our JOC contract as well as the $3M renovation of the NCIS facility at NAS Jacksonville.
NCIS Renovate Building 659, NAS Jacksonville, $3.0M  
D/B/B gutting and reconstruction of interiors at existing NCIS building to repurpose it as office space at NAS Jacksonville, Fla.
$75M MACC for Construction in Pensacola, Panama City, and Whiting Field Area 
D/B/B Multiple Award Construction Contract, SEED Project Window Replacement to be awarded in November 2015.  
Last year, Leebcor Services was awarded a 5-year, $99 million Job Order Contract by Mission Installation Command Control Ft. Benning for design/build and construction services to support the mission of Ft. Lee in Richmond, Virginia. In FY2015, we were awarded 30 task orders under the JOC Program with projects ranging in value from $12,000 to $5 million. Some program highlights include: 


* HVAC Repairs to Building 11430

* PWD Spill Containment
* HVAC Repair to Building 4200
* Repairs to Field House B
* Renovation of Curation Facility
* Repairs to Pool Deck and Equipment
* Railhead Training Site and Parking Lot
* Repairs to OD DIV Conference Room
* Force Protection on ALU Campus
* Overhead Shelter
* Replace Swing Gates
* Renovate Bathrooms QMS
* Trailers for Building 11430
* Inflatable Dome Construction
* Parking Lot for Building 1599
* Renovate and Repair Building 4229
* Repair HVAC at Building 10500

On-going Projects 
$7.1M Renovate BEQ 3701, Pensacola, Fla.
NAVFAC Southeast, Contract No: N69450-14-D-0759, D.O. 0002
D/B renovation of a military BEQ at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Pensacola, Fla. 
$8.2M Repair Wharf 2, Kings Bay, Ga.
NAVFAC Southeast, Contract No: N69450-14-D-1277, D.O. 0003
D/B/B renovations to Wharf 2 at Kings Bay, Ga.

$3.6M Roof Replacement, Norfolk, Va.
NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic, Contract No: N40085-13-D-7775, D.O. 0004
D/B/B replacement of roofs on Buildings SDA-204, SDA-205, and SDA-210 at Naval Support Activity Norfolk in Norfolk, Va.
$1.4M D/B Repairs to Building 524 Gym/Fitness Center, Virginia Beach, Va.
NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic, Contract No: N40085-13-D-7775, D.O. 0005
D/B renovations to open gym, fitness center, and locker room facilities at Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach, Va. 
$6.0M Joint Training Facility - Yorktown, Va.
NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic, Contract No: N40085-13-D-7774, D.O. 0002 
This project includes the Design/Bid/Build construction of a 20,500 SF administrative facility in at the Yorktown Naval Weapons Station in Yorktown, Va.

$950K - Repair, Seal, and Paint Building V-53, Norfolk, Va.
NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic, Contract No: N40085-13-D-7774, D.O. 0003
This project is a Design/Bid/Build renovation project to repair, paint, seal the exterior walls of Building V-53 at Naval Norfolk Station.

Recently Completed Projects   
$16M - D/B/B Littoral Combat Ship Logistics Support Facility - Naval Station Mayport, Fla.
NAVFAC Southeast, Contract No.: N69450-13-D-1765, D.O. 0002
This project includes the construction of the Littoral Combat Ship Logistics Support Facility (LSF) at Naval Station Mayport. The 59,680 SF facility will include administrative offices, classrooms, a library space, and lounge.

$9.5M - D/B Combat Services Support Facility - Little Creek, Va.
NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic, Contract No: N40085-12-D-6304, D.O. 0003 
The project also includes the provision of expanding and re-configuring the existing parking lot at the CSS Facility site.

$6.5M Energy Conservation Repairs - 18 Buildings - Kings Bay, Ga.
NAVFAC Southeast, Contract No: N69450-13-D-1765, D.O. 0004
This project includes Design/Bid/Build renovations to 18 separate building at Kings Bay for upgrades to electrical and mechanical systems to enhance energy performance and efficiency.

Leebcor has also been awarded one new multiple award contract.  Our current MATOC programs include 12 multiple award contract vehicles:
SDV Navy MACC for the Hampton Roads Area, NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic
Contract No: N40085-12-D-6304; Value: $40 million
SDV MATOC for General Construction at Ft. Carson, Colo., USACE Omaha District
Contract No: W9128F-12-D-0036; Value: $49 million
Small Business Navy MACC for the Hampton Roads Area, NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic
Contract No: N40085-13-D-7774; Value: $95 million
Small Business Navy MACC for the Miss./Fla. Panhandle, NAVFAC Southeast
Contract No: N69450-14-D-0759; Value: $95 million
SDV MATOC for DoD Army Medical Facilities CONUS , USACE Mobile District
Contract No: W91278-13-D-0050; Value: $49 million
Small Business Navy MACC for S.C. and Ga., NAVFAC Southeast
Contract No: N69450-13-D-1765; Value: $240 million   
SDV Navy MACC for Construction in N. Fla. and S. Ga., NAVFAC Southeast
Contract No: N69450-14-D-1277; Value: $95 million   
Small Business MATOC for the Louisville Mission District, USACE Louisville District 
Contract No: W912QR-14-D-0024; Value: $160 million
Job Order Contract at Ft. Lee, USACE MICC Ft. Benning
Contract No: W911SF-14-D-0010; Value: $99 million
S mall Business Navy MACC for Va,. Md., and Washington D.C., NAVFAC Washington
Contract No: N40080-15-D-0461; Value $98 million 
SDV MATOC for Colorado and WyomingUSACE Omaha District
Contract No: W9128F-15-D-0036; Value $49 million  
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