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The WFM is a producers-only, non-profit organization. It was established to provide a venue to sell farm-fresh, seasonal produce & specialty items to the Waxhaw area. Shopping at our market is a great way to support local agriculture, promote sustainable farming practices, and enjoy fresh and delicious food.

*Keep in mind that the types of products available at the farmers market may vary depending on the season and weather conditions*

Let's dive in and get to know your favorite vendors at the market. Yes, many vendors have been with us for years (and you know them well) others have recently joined our market family.

Spotlight on a Vendor: Raven Micro Farm

Regenerative Farming

Creating a Micro Environment, Revitalizing the soil, sequestering carbon and raising nutritious food.

It is easy to romanticize farmsteading until you get into the thick of it. It is hard work. Yes. We love it. What does it take to care for Pigs, Sheep, Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks, rabbits, and four farm dogs you say? It all takes love, patience, a little bit of crazy, and agility. We are constantly changing and adapting to the land, livestock, and to whatever the needs of the farm are. We live an agile lifestyle in the flow of life. We do our best to utilize the resources around us, upcycling and repurposing whatever we can.  We do what we can in consideration of the life around us because living in harmony with nature and not against it is pretty rad. We do it so we have nutritious, allergen-free food for our family, and yours. We realize that not everyone has the desire or the means to raise their own food. We do it so you don't have to. 

What is a Micro farm? We get that a lot. Micro farm is a smaller scale farm. Although we have 24 acres, we utilize under or right at 5 acres of our land at a time. Not only does that gives us the opportunity to focus on efficiency, sustainability and productivity of our livestock and produce, but it gives our land the opportunity to go through its natural cycles. The whole idea behind regenerative farming is carbon sequestration and rotational grazing, and the more we keep it green the more the air stays clean, you dig?

Let's talk about Leeks

Leeks are a type of vegetable that belong to the Allium family, which also includes garlic, onions, and shallots. They are known for their mild, onion-like flavor and are commonly used in a variety of culinary dishes. Here are some key facts and information about leeks:

  1. Appearance: Leeks resemble large green onions, with a long, cylindrical stalk made up of tightly packed layers. The edible part of the leek is the white and light green portion, while the dark green tops are typically tough and are often discarded or used in making stock.
  2. Flavor: Leeks have a subtle, sweet onion flavor that is milder than that of regular onions. This mild flavor makes them a versatile ingredient in many recipes.
  3. Culinary Uses: Leeks are used in a wide range of dishes, including soups, stews, quiches, casseroles, and salads. They can be sautéed, roasted, grilled, or braised to enhance their flavor and texture.
  4. Cleaning: Leeks can be quite dirty, as soil can get trapped between their layers. To clean leeks, trim off the root end and the dark green tops, leaving the white and light green part. Slice the leek in half lengthwise and rinse thoroughly under running water, separating the layers to remove any dirt or grit.
  5. Nutritional Value: Leeks are a low-calorie vegetable and a good source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin K, vitamin C, and folate. They also contain dietary fiber and antioxidants.
  6. Seasonality: Leeks are typically in season during the fall and winter months.
  7. Storage: Store leeks in the refrigerator, wrapped in a plastic bag or damp paper towel, for up to two weeks. Alternatively, you can blanch and freeze sliced leeks for longer-term storage.
  8. Recipes: Some popular dishes that feature leeks include potato leek soup, leek and potato gratin, leek and bacon quiche, and leeks vinaigrette.

Potato Leek Soup Recipe:



Only Service Dogs allowed inside of the market - thank you!


Vendors attending this Saturday

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Farmers & Growers:

DabHar Farm

Dave Matthews

Happy Pigs Farms

J Brooks Family & Farm

Master Gardeners

Piney Oak Farm

Raven Microfarm

Sharonview Farm

Taylor Family Greenhouse

The Ivy Place

Todd & Williams Garden

Waxhaw Microfarm

Food Vendors:

Baba & Pops Pierogi

Belgian Waffles on Wheels

Brew Lala

Dawn and Daughter

Irresistible Foods

Tea Leaves & Pages

The Frazzled Whisk


Specialty Vendors:

Artworks Pottery


Heaven Sent Wood Creations

Indulgence Candles


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Items being offered at the Info Booth:

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Granny Smith & Honey Crisp Apples: Lively Orchards

Blackberries & Figs & mini heirloom pumpkins: Bush-n-Vine Farm


Sorghum: Muddy Pond

Grits: Farm & Sparrow

Honey: Dancing Bees Farm

Honey Sticks: Better Bee

Nut butters: Coddle Creek Farms - creamy, crunchy, chocolate, white chocolate, almond & cashew are back in stock.

Rice: Tidewater Grain

Sunflower Oil: Carolina Gold Oils

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