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 "Just because you have a violin does not mean you are a musician"

Four Cardinal Rules of Firearms Safety

Treat ALL firearms as if they are loaded all the time.

Never let the muzzle of your firearm cover anything that you are not willing to destroy

Keep your index finger out of the trigger guard until you have made the decision to fire AND your sights are on target.

Be 100% sure of your target and its background

"All that is required for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing"
-Edmund Burke
"Like parachutes and fire-extinguishers, guns are emergency/safety
equipment.  When you require one, your need will be immediate, critical, and
desperate.  And, when unprepared, you'll likely never need one again!"













NRA  Cert Instr
July 2014
Volume 2, Number 7
July 13 is the anniversary of the decision of the George Zimmerman trial.  It is likely that you have some level of exposure to the facts of the case and I hope that exposure is not only limited to the popular press's version and perspective of events.  

It is also likely that if you are reading this newsletter you have more than a passing interest of the issues involving your personal protection as it may be accomplished with a firearm.  DFI is your personal trainer in armed defense and provides instruction and mentoring that extend beyond the mechanics of shooting a firearm.  

Simply gaining the skills required to effectively "run your gun" is not enough if you ever intend to lawfully defend yourself or another person from violent attack.  If you use deadly force against another, there will be a criminal investigation into your actions.  The amount of litigation that you will be forced to endure may be somewhat mitigated by your immediate actions after you have defended yourself or another.  

Below is a very brief outline of suggested actions at the scene of a critical incident.  Some of those recommendations require practical application in a simulated stress environment.  DFI is skilled in providing this advanced level of training.  Indeed, there is quite a bit more to defending yourself and your family than one might think.

Thanks for your time and see you at the range.

Riley Schrader
DFI News
Future New Gun Owner?
In California you will need a Department of Justice, Handgun Safety Certificate (HSC) to begin the purchasing process for a handgun.  The HSC is good for 5 years from the date of issuance, then it must be renewed.  
Don't go to the gun store for your HSC!  
DFI is now a Certified Instructor for the Handgun Safety Certificate Program.  I can travel to you or administer the test at a DFI training session.  Contact me to schedule your HSC Test and get your card.
Firearms Safety-Pay it Forward
Firearms (like cars, kitchen knives, and electrical appliances) are a part of our world.  Every reasonable person should know the basics how they work and what they will and won't do without human input.  Contact me to discuss a free 2-hour Introduction to Gun Safety Course that DFI can provide to your group. 
Affiliate Instructor
The Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network has added Defensive Firearms Instruction as an Affiliate Instructor to their national network.  Please visit them at their website and take advantage of their education.  They have an abundance of free educational articles regarding preparation for the legal aftermath of a shooting.
Legal Aftermath of a Defensive Shooting

if you use deadly force against another person, there will be a criminal investigation.  How you conduct yourself in the immediate aftermath may help, or hinder, your successful defense of your lawful use of force.  Acknowledging that I am not an attorney and am not given legal advice, here are some points for your consideration.  These are VERY BRIEF.  Consult with your attorney on all matters related to legal advice.

  • Medical Attention.  After you have used an amount of force necessary to defend yourself or another innocent person, check yourself, and those around you for the need of medical attention.  You may have been severely injured and not realize it yet.
  • Environmental Assessment.  
    • Verbalize and demonstrate to others who may be present that you are not a threat to them.  
    • By pointing to them or identifying them by an article of clothing, assign a bystander to call police and/or medical help.  It will show that you are creating an obligation for that person to assist you.  Consult with your lawyer for further details.  
    • Note any witnesses or evidence for reference to responding authorities.  IF YOU CAN SAFELY DO SO, take photos of the crime scene to show your attacker's weapon(s).
    • Prepare yourself for the response of police.
  • Communicate with Police.  First responding officers will be in a high state of alertness and will be anticipating danger.   This will be a very dangerous time for YOU.  
    • If you are calling police on your cell phone, (and you should if you can), give them a description of yourself and repeat that description.  Stay on the phone as long as possible.  Even if the dispatcher tells you to hang up, keep the line open.
    • Anticipate the likely direction of approach of police and place yourself so you can see approaching officers.
    • Remove your firearm from your hands prior to the arrival of police.  They don't know who you are and will assume anyone with a firearm in hand is a threat TO THEM.
    • Listen to their commands and follow them, EXACTLY... WITHOUT QUESTION OR COMMENT.  You will be handcuffed and personally searched.  
    • Tell police (as an example) that, "That person tried to kill me with that ___ weapon.  The ___ weapon is over there.  Those people over there saw what happened."  
    • If accurate, repeatedly tell the officer(s) that you are injured and need medical assistance.
    • Repeatedly tell the officers that you will be happy to cooperate when you have spoken to your attorney, then say no more.

Depending upon the jurisdiction and the local politics of the matter you may or may not be arrested and charged immediately.  Anticipate that this will happen at some point and prepare yourself mentally.

Actions Prior to a Critical Event
  • Contact an attorney who is skilled in defensive  firearms law during your defensive training program and discuss retaining his/her services.  The consultation will provide you with a first person perspective of what services the lawyer may provide to you, if needed.
  • Research and train in the context of the laws of your state.
  • Consider and research "Self-Defense" Insurance.

Actions Upon Detention or Arrest Subsequent to a Critical Event

  • Make no statements to police other than pointing out evidence, witnesses, and BRIEFLY stating that you believed you were about to be killed or seriously injured.  Consult with your attorney for more details.
  • Call your attorney whose name and number you have in your cell phone AND in your wallet/purse.  Your phone may be confiscated initially.  Remember and apply the concept of redundant systems. 
  • Let your attorney take control of the information flow and of your case.
  • Do Not Make any public statements, verbally, or electronically about the incident.  It is all useable in court and it will be used against you.
Tips and Perspectives
Emergency Medical Kit

As a responsible and prepared citizen it is extremely helpful to have the skills, supplies, and equipment on hand in the event of a traumatic emergency.  Even if the incident at hand is something non-violent, but nonetheless traumatic, like an auto or bike related injury with significant bleeding, if you are prepared you can help.  
Get advanced emergency training and build or buy an advanced kit with a CAT tourniquet, a compression bandage, and some type of hemostatic agent to control hemorrhaging.
Of course, these preparations also apply to any outdoor activity as well as being prudent actions to learn and prepare for in your armed defense plan
  • Skill Development Sessions
  • Private Instruction
  • Private and Group Courses of Instruction
  • Integrated Environment and Survey Package
  • Defensive Immersion Package II
  • Defensive Immersion Package I
  • Introductory Training Package


DFI emphasizes quality over quantity.  There are no large cattle-car classes.  Most instruction is one-to-one so as to give you the full value of your training funds.  This relieves pressure from the first-timers or those who may be a bit intimidated by the whole process of learning to use deadly force.  I do not conduct boot camp.  I teach adults without being overbearing or exaggerating, and I do it in an approachable manner.  Contact DFI for your armed defense training.



References for your consideration:


Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network Highly recommended!  This network supports members in their interaction with the criminal justice system after an act of self defense.
Michel and Associates, P.C.  A local firm well versed in firearms laws and regulations.
CCWSafe  A national company dealing specifically with providing legal representation to its' members pursuant to a use of force incident

Second Call Defense  An insurance provider for self-defense incidents.  They have several different levels of coverage, offer on-line training, and a free newsletter. 
Tactical Pro Shop  A premier supplier for all of your tactical and armed defense support equipment needs.
For More Information from Defensive Firearms Instruction:
More drills, practice strategies, skill sets to learn, and other ways to help you tune up your defensive skills will be in upcoming newsletters.  Please forward this newsletter to your interested friends and let them know about the training options.  My experience, training, and qualifications in firearms education is summarized at:



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