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One of our priorities is delivering safety and stability to our clients and their families—especially kids. It’s so much easier for kids to grow up healthily if they don’t fear abuse or homelessness.

This month’s newsletter tells the story of a family escaping abuse, uses data to paint a picture of our client communities, and shares info about the Child Tax Credit, expiring eviction and foreclosure moratoriums, and how to avoid foreclosure ‘rescue’ scams. We also invite attorneys to a free training on Trauma Informed Lawyering and sing a pro bono rockstar’s praises.

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In this issue:
  • Client Story: Angela's escape
  • By The Numbers: Helping children in poverty in West Michigan
  • Happening Now: New resources to download and share
  • Pro Bono Lawyer Training: Learn about trauma-informed practice, July 15
  • Pro Bono Spotlight: Karen McFadden uses her expertise to help others
Client Story: Helping a Mom & Children Escape Abuse
Angela came to us for help divorcing her abusive husband. As we were assisting with Angela’s divorce, her husband violently assaulted her, shoving a loaded gun into her mouth in front of their young children. Police arrested the husband, and the county prosecutor filed charges against him.

At this point Angela feared for her children’s and her own safety. She wanted to move out of state immediately to protect her children. We succeeded in getting court approval for Angela and the kids to move during the divorce proceedings, and have since finalized the divorce. Both she and the children are now living safely out of state.
By The Numbers: Helping Children & Families in Poverty
18% of Michigan children live below the poverty level
A family of 4 eligible for our legal help might have around $33,125 in annual income
45% of household members we help are children
Happening Now: New Resources
Child Tax Credit 1-pager:
Update on the eviction moratorium:
Update on the foreclosure moratorium:
Pro Bono Training: Join us on July 15
Pro Bono Spotlight: Karen McFadden
Meet Karen McFadden of McFadden Law Offices—one of our rockstar pro bono volunteers!

Legal Aid: Where’s your practice based?
KM: Belding (Ionia County).

LA: What areas of law do you handle, primarily (in your regular practice)?
KM: Abuse/neglect, guardianships, conservatorships, estate planning and administration.

LA: What kinds of pro bono cases do you handle?
KM: Divorce, guardianship, conservatorship, quiet title.

LA: Why do you do pro bono with LAWM?
KM: The practice of law is a service profession. Using my abilities to help others is what this job is about for me. It’s why I went to law school. And let's be honest, who could say no to LAWM’s Pro Bono Team!?

THANKS, Karen!
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