Pat Wrona, CARPLS Legal Director, Honored With Thomas H. Morsch Award
Each year, the Chicago Bar Foundation awards the Thomas H. Morsch Public Service Award, an honor given to longtime legal aid and public interest attorneys. The Award was established to recognize and reward exemplary lawyers who choose public service work as a career. CARPLS' own Pat Wrona is the 2022 recipient of this prestigious Chicago Bar Foundation annual award. 

As CARPLS Director of Legal Services, Pat supports our 50 person staff in thirteen practice areas, through CARPLS’ hotlines, advice desks, and statewide projects, providing over 80,000 legal consultations a year. Over the past 15 years, with Pat’s guidance, CARPLS has become a national leader in legal service delivery innovation.

Pat is an expert in employment law, so when the pandemic created the largest number of unemployed workers in Illinois history, Pat monitored the ever-changing unemployment landscape and assisted many clients facing job insecurity. Pat created BennyFits Illinois, an unemployment virtual assistant which has helped thousands navigate the unemployment process.

As the “front door” of legal aid, Pat ensured that CARPLS transitioned seamlessly to a virtual model, finding creative ways to provide needed services. With Pat’s leadership, CARPLS has expanded services further, with the CCLAHD/ERP, COVID HELP Illinois and New Leaf Illinois projects, bringing critical help to many. Pat manifests CARPLS’ core mission: that no one should face a legal problem alone. 

Pat is the embodiment of helping others; someone who shows commitment and understanding with her diligence, resourcefulness, humility, and good humor. Congrats to Pat!
Mr. Thomas Morsch with Pat Wrona
Some of our CARPLS family
You may have heard that CARPLS surpassed one million consultations provided!

CARPLS, at its core, is a simple service: people can call us and get advice about their legal problem and can move forward in their lives. In the background, however, is a sophisticated network of talented attorneys and legal and social service partners working together to help people in need.

Asghar, who lives on Chicago's South Side, was CARPLS’ one-millionth consultation!

"I called CARPLS just wondering what I could do [about a landlord issue]," Asghar said. "They really helped me take action to figure out what to do next. I followed the attorney's advice — she was very encouraging. I would definitely recommend CARPLS to people who have a legal need."
Some of our CARPLS staff at our 1 million consultations party, at the Wrigley Field Rooftops!
2021 was a year of immense growth for CARPLS. Our dedicated team helped people weather the storm during the pandemic and know how to move forward.

They bring their diverse perspectives and education to break down barriers to access to justice.
Securing a Line of Credit
"The CARPLS attorney was the only person who was able to resolve my issue. The attorney was patient and listened intently to ensure she understood the issue. I followed her direction and after ONE DAY...I am able to move forward!"
Fear of Eviction Relieved
We spoke to a tenant who was afraid they might get evicted, and referred him to a partner organization for possible assistance in negotiating this matter. The client said, "The attorney was very thorough. I can move forward with several different options."
A Bank Account Unfrozen
Because of the attorney's advice, our client's bank account was unfrozen the day after her phone consultation. She followed up with the team and said, "I am so appreciative of that help that was provided to me. Thank you so much for your advice and help."