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Fall 2017


2017 Robins Appleby World Invitational Clubbish Tournament

The 2017 Robins Appleby World Invitational Clubbish Tournament was the best ever. There was nice excitement throughout the evening. This year we hosted over 180 guests including 132 players. The word was that the food was terrific, the drink abundant and the company stimulating. Everyone had a good time, played their best and created stories and memories for future years.

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Milliken Crossing: 5631 - 5671 Steeles Avenue East, Scarborough

Real Estate Group partner, Neill Kalvin, associate Zale Skolnik, and law clerk Helen Wright, acted on behalf of a client represented by Triovest Realty Advisors Inc. on the sale of Milliken Crossing Shopping Plaza being a 10,000 square foot retail plaza located at 5631-5671 Steeles Avenue East, Scarborough. The transaction was completed on July 18, 2017.


Financial Drive: 7525 - 7535 Financial Drive, Brampton.

Real Estate Group partner, Neill Kalvin, associate Zale Skolnik, and law clerk Helen Wright, acted on behalf of Crestpoint Real Estate Investments Ltd. on the purchase of 7525 – 7535 Financial Drive, Brampton, a combined 270,016 square foot state of the art warehouse and distribution facility located in the GTA at the border of Brampton and Mississauga. The transaction was completed on June 26, 2017. The property benefits from a prominent location in a shipping artery servicing Toronto, which is just off of the Highway 407 and accessible by the Highways 401 and 403.


Core Development Group:
1665 - 1673 Kingston Road, Scarborough
1496 Manderley Drive, Scarborough
168 - 184 Clonmore Drive, Scarborough

Real Estate Group partner, John Fox, associate Zale Skolnik, and law clerks Audrey Weaver and Kimberly Lexovsky, acted on behalf of Core Development Group on three land assemblies in Scarborough. The first, located at 1665 – 1673 Kingston Road will be redeveloped into a total of approximately 70,000 square feet of stacked townhomes. The second, known as the "Manderley" is located at 1496 Manderley Drive. It will be redeveloped into a total of approximately 235,000 square feet of mixed use residential/ commercial space comprising of a midrise tower with retail at grade. The Clonmore site, located at 168 – 184 Clonmore Drive, will be redeveloped into a total of approximately 125,000 square feet of stacked townhomes. These sites benefit from a prominent location in the vibrant Birchcliff neighbourhood with access to popular community attractions including the Scarborough Bluffs and Lake Ontario, as well as some of the best specialty shops and boutiques in the Beach.


RBC and BMO complete $150M loan facility to Heathwood Homes

Real Estate Group partner Leor Margulies, and law clerk Cindy Applegath, represented RBC and BMO on a $150M syndicated financing to Heathwood Homes with respect to the development and servicing costs of a 499 unit 3-phase project in Whitby, Ontario. The development will be a multiphase project with a mixture of various low rise types including single-family, semi-detached and townhouses.




Lawyers Feed the Hungry Program

On September 27, 2017, Robins Appleby sponsored a hot meal for Toronto's homeless community through the Law Society Foundation's Lawyers Feed the Hungry Program. We sent a team of 13 lawyers to join the Law Society staff and Program volunteers to serve and prepare dinner for over 400 guests. The night was a great success and the Program is a community cause that we are proud to support. We look forward to our continued involvement with this Program in the future and thank the Law Society for including us in its community outreach initiatives.

Left photo: Neill Kalvin, Errol Tenenbaum, David Taub, Rick Angelson, Daniel Goldgut,
Noah Ciglen, Arin Klug, Ellad Gersh, Ladislav Kovac, Zale Skolnik.




Power to the People: Charging Ontario with the task of incentivizing electric vehicle infrastructure
By Zale Skolnik

The new Tesla Model 3 is different. Marketed as Tesla's car for the masses, there are reportedly over 500,000 existing reservations to purchase the Model 3. People are onboard with energy efficiency and emissions control and popularity is on the rise for electric vehicles in general. With Volvo's recent announcement that all car models launched after 2019 will be either electric or hybrid and France stating it is targeting ending diesel- and gasoline-powered vehicles by 2040, electric vehicles are here to stay.

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Interview with Zale Skolnik

How long have you been with Robins Appleby LLP?

I summered and articled with Robins and have been an associate lawyer with the firm for the last two years.

What characteristic do you think a person needs to have to be a successful Real Estate lawyer?

A successful real estate lawyer needs patience and attention to detail. Deals are always on the fly and business terms changing by the minute. It takes patience to constantly redraft documents and attention to detail to ensure that with every redraft, revisions are properly carried through (or not, as the case may be).

How do you spend your spare time?

I try to spend my spare time outdoors being active with a healthy dose of adventure and dirt – right now that involves a lot of camping and rock climbing trips to the Escarpment.


When I walk into your office for the first time, looking around, what would your office tell me about you?

Currently my office is a site to see: with condo plans spread out on the window sill; open files on the floor; and minute books, stacks of agreements and post-it notes strewn across my desk, I hope a passerby looking in would think I'm super busy with a booming practice... but they could just as well think I'm not the tidiest person at the firm.

What are you reading right now?

'Into the Silence: Mallory, the Great War and the Conquest of Everest' by Wade Davis. It is a weighty tome of adventure detailing the history of summiting Mount Everest. Would recommend to any history buff with an itch for exploration and a lot of time.

If you met yourself in the first year of law school, what advice would you give him?

The best lawyer is not the one who knows everything – it's the one who knows where to look. Be comfortable in the fact that you will not always know the answer and confident in the fact that you can find the answer (most of the time) with a little bit of resourcefulness.



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