For a church leader to be fully ministry-minded they must be vigilant in protecting their flock from things that can detract from the Gospel and divide their congregation. This involves being constantly aware of potential legal pitfalls within their church. This due diligence can be an overwhelming task. How can a small church team possibly cover and address every area of risk?
Members of the clergy in Illinois would be legally required to report cases of physical abuse or neglect against children, and they would face possible criminal charges for failing to do so, under a new bill that recently cleared the Illinois House and Senate. Clergy are already required to report suspected cases of sexual abuse against children, but Senate Bill 1778 expands that requirement to include physical abuse and neglect as well.
Divisions in the church are like fires. If not properly contained and handled, they can destroy the fellowship and witness of entire congregations, not to mention the faith of those involved. Many of those burnt by divisions in the church leave and never come back. However, if properly handled, divisions can refine a congregation and, in some cases, even help build the Kingdom.
Attending law school is not a spontaneous decision. There is much time spent balancing on the fence, trying not to fall prematurely on either side of the decision. Well, let me nudge you a little. If you’ve been thinking about going to law school, then go. A law degree opens the door to glorifying Jesus in an extremely fruitful way.
Recently, an Illinois appellate court rejected the claims of four men who were restricted from sharing their faith after the City of Elgin included them in a lawsuit for being Latin Kings while none of them were currently gang members. This suit prevented them from ministering to other gang members with the Gospel. Despite the recent ruling, the case is not over with. ( See the appeal here)
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