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February 2011

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This month's theme is about estate planning for business owners and professionals.  Attorney Chris Berry is our guest blogger and he shares some estate planning essentials to protect your business and family.  Read Article 1 below. 

Come back next month and read about protecting intellectual property in your business with Guest Blogger, Attorney Matt Bower.

You may want to attend our lunch and learn on March 24th, featuring Attorneys Chris Berry and Matt Bower, who will conduct a legal roundtable to share information and answer your questions about estate planning, business law, and intellectual property issues that affect your business.  Click here for more information and to register for the event.     



Lori T. Williams, Esq.
Owner/Managing Attorney
Your Legal Resource, PLLC

Article 1: Can your business go on without you? 

By Guest Blogger: Attorney Christopher J. Berry


Nothing in life is more certain than death and taxes.  As a small business owner, the same holds true.  That is why it is important to consider estate planning for your business, otherwise known as "business succession planning". 


Business succession planning is important no matter the size of your business or whether you have employees.  For many entrepreneurs, their business is one of their most important assets; yet, too often, they fail to plan for it.......


Click here to read the rest of the article.   


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Article 2:  Finding the Right Estate Planning Attorney for your business or family
By: Lori T. Williams, Esq.

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Starting your family is one of the most important decisions you'll make.  Protecting them should be another one!  Sometimes people wait until they are older, or when their children get older, to put the basics in place. 

older couple in home with advisorBut you're never too young, or too old, to start planning.  The key is to start NOW!  At a minimum, every couple  should have a will, and medical and durable powers of attorney for each spouse.  When children are involved or property exists, a trust is also advisable. 

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Proper estate planning with the right attorney, financial advisor and accountant can save you from taxes, estate costs, and a lot of family feuds during a time of grief.  A long term care insurance specialist can also be a good resource to help you contain health care costs as you age.  But you must plan ahead and work with your advisors before you experience the loss of a loved one, or face medical challenges.  

As your life circumstances change, your estate plan should also change.  Be sure to update your advisors when you have a marriage, divorce, death of a loved one, when you start or end a business, when you retire, when you have a child/grandchild, experience an illness or injury, etc.  Additionally, changes in the law may require that your estate planning documents be updated.  If you haven't had a "checkup" of your estate plan in the last 3-5 years, it is probably time to do so.

Even within estate planning law, attorneys vary firm to firm, each with a different focus and approach to serve their clients.  Some attorneys are elder law specialists, others handle general estate planning, while others  prefer probate litigation.  Some attorneys focus on special needs families, others on veteran's benefits, and others service young families, business owners, or retirees.  


As a 22 year attorney and owner of Your Legal Resource, I take the guess work out of finding the right lawyer for you! Call today for a FREE consultation at 248-594-4470. 




Most people know when they need an attorney, and they might even know an attorney or two.  Yet, often they don't know how to find the right attorney for their situation. 
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75% of Americans hire an attorney recommended by their family.
65% of them are unhappy with the services that attorney provided.


Don't you deserve better Odds than that? 
Attorney Lori Williams has put together a large network of lawyers she personally knows and has worked with over the past 20 years, who are located throughout Metro Detroit, and are ready to serve you.  Each lawyer has experience (10-30 years) in different areas of law, and will handle your legal issues promptly, professionally and affordably.  You'll receive a FREE referral to the right attorney for you, whether it be for personal legal services as an individual, or for your small business. 
Our specialists handle all the areas of law, including:

-Estate Planning (wills/trusts/powers of  attorney);

-Business Law (Set up a corporation or  LLC; protect intellectual property through patents, trademarks, copyrights; draft/review contracts or operating agreements or licensing agreements for your business);
-Family Law (divorce/custody/support);

-Personal Injury;

-Workers Compensation;

-Social Security Disability;


-Real Estate/Foreclosure/Loan Modifications;
-Criminal matters; 

-Employment Law;


Call today for a free consultation and referral
 and get the legal help you need!
Our Services:
Lori T. Williams is a 22 year attorney and the owner of a legal referral and legal consulting business knows as Your Legal Resource.  She connects the right client in need of legal advice or representation with the right attorney.  Her team of attorneys cover all areas of law throughout Metro Detroit.
Lori also helps solo/small firm attorneys and other professionals start and grow their practices by effectively branding and marketing themselves,  
mastering networking, and creating effective strategic relationships to generate clients and revenue.

Your referrals are the heart and soul of our business and we are very grateful for them.  Call us today if you know anyone in need of legal advice or any attorneys looking to grow their practice.



For legal referrals:


"Lori, Thank you for the referral to the estate planning attorney.  We met with him 
this morning and he is perfect for both my mom and I!  He was very thorough and patient in explaining what updates we needed."  Linda Anger, The Write Concept
"Dear Lori,

I wanted you to know that my meeting with the Estate Planning Attorney you recommended went very well.  I left his office completely understanding the process, the documents, and with a peace of mind knowing that this was all going to be taken care of. What a burden off my shoulders.  I don't know how anyone could not do this.  It is much cheaper on this side than it's going to be for your family after you're gone, with everything tied up in probate. Thank you again for an invaluable service." God bless you, Karen W.


For consulting services:


"Lori Williams has an exceptional gift for connecting people to each other. In addition to being very professional, gracious and warm, Lori has a joyful spark that is infectious. Being a seasoned lawyer who is new to the Michigan business community, I consulted with Lori to identify potential referral partners who would be the right fit for me and my clients. Lori introduced me to a dozen professionals who not only fit the bill, but who welcomed my call. Lori also hosts wonderful networking events. I've attended several of them, ranging from lunch and learn seminars on social media to wine tastings. Working with Lori should be on every small law firm's business plan!" Attorney Gail Straith





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