Legal Update
The Importance of How Zoning Laws Impact Your Property
By: Christopher J. Charles, Esq.
Zoning laws place restrictions on how people can use real estate that they own. These ordinances regulate all aspects of your property. For example, zoning laws govern how you can use a piece of property, what you can build on it, how you can build on it, and where you can build on it.
Business-Sponsored Nonprofit Events: Avoid Tax Consequences
By: Erik W. Stanley, Esq.
Businesses commonly sponsor concerts, fairs, and other events to support nonprofit organizations. However, if these sponsorships do not meet certain specifications, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will consider their donations or participation in these events taxable income for the nonprofit. As a result, nonprofits should be aware of the potential tax consequences when they receive payment from businesses to sponsor their events and work to avoid them if possible.
5 Ways to Avoid Real Estate Transaction Disputes
By: Christopher J. Charles, Esq.
Many Arizona real estate transactions go smoothly, but others do not go according to plan. Disputes can quickly arise when you buy or sell real estate in all aspects of the real estate transaction. Although you cannot plan for every contingency or always avoid conflict in a real estate transaction, you can take specific steps to lower the likelihood of being involved in a real estate transaction dispute. Here are five ways that you may be able to avoid disputes when engaging in a real estate transaction.
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