Legal Update
Your Real Estate Attorney Can End Disputes With a Partition Action
By: Christopher J. Charles, Esq.
A real estate attorney can help you with a partition action, which is a legal mechanism used to resolve disputes when two or more people jointly own real estate. The most common scenario is when one of the joint owners no longer wishes to own the property, but the owners cannot agree on how to reach that goal.
Introducing Partner Mary T. Hone, Esq.

Provident Law® is proud to announce the addition of Attorney Mary T. as a Partner of the firm, along with her experienced Paralegal Jeanette Hamilton. Attorney Mary T. Hone was born and raised in Phoenix and has focused her entire legal career in Arizona. With more than 36 years of experience representing individuals, businesses, banks, mortgage companies and lenders, she understands the wide range of real estate, bankruptcy, foreclosure and probate issues members of the community may face. Mary dissolved her solo practice firm and joined Provident Law in September 2021.
The Revised Arizona Homestead Exemption: Is the Homestead Exemption Still Beneficial?
By: Blake T. Wilkie, Esq.
For years, Arizona homeowners have been able to take solace in the notion that no matter how long their list of creditors became, or how much debt they may have incurred, a certain portion of the equity in their home was protected from legal jeopardy. On the surface, it appears Arizona homeowners are being granted additional safeguards from liens against their properties—and the timing could not be better with homeowners seeing meteoric increases in the value of their homes, and the corresponding increase in equity that accompanies the rise. A deeper dive into the law, however, reveals the opposite may in fact be true.
Ask a Nonprofit Lawyer if a Nonprofit Can Protect Its Volunteers From Liability?
By: Erik W. Stanley, Esq.
Your nonprofit lawyer may refer you to A.R.S. § 12-982, which sets forth Arizona’s Volunteer Protection Statute, when it comes to issues concerning volunteer liability. Under this law, individuals who volunteer their services to nonprofit organizations, hospitals, or government agencies, have immunity from civil liability under specific circumstances. This immunity covers liability from action or inaction that results in some type of injury, whether financial or physical. If you have questions regarding how to protect your nonprofit organization’s volunteers, a nonprofit lawyer at Provident Law is ready to assist you.

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