Legal Update
How to Resolve Joint Ownership Disputes
By: Christopher J. Charles, Esq.
What happens when joint property owners disagree on whether to sell their property? This could involve friends, business partners, or unmarried couples. Hopefully the joint owners have a written agreement such as a partnership agreement, operating agreement for their limited liability company, or a tenants in common (TIC) agreement. But what if the joint owners neglected to negotiate a written agreement before they acquired the property together? If one party wants to sell and the other doesn’t, an awkward impasse arises.
Checklist for Nonprofit Corporation Bylaws
By: Erik W. Stanley, Esq.
A nonprofit corporation should consider following a checklist for creating their bylaws. If you have questions or assistance in forming your bylaws, one of our nonprofit attorneys can help. The checklist includes: Basic Identifying Information, Elections, Roles, and Terms of Directors and Officers, Meetings, Amending the Bylaws, and Dissolving the Nonprofit Corporation.
Introducing Partner Bryan L. Eastin, Esq.
Provident Law® is proud to announce Attorney Bryan L. Eastin's promotion to Partner of the firm. Bryan has been practicing law for over 20 years and has been with the firm for five years. His practice focuses on probate and estate planning, bankruptcy, and real estate. He brings a holistic view, incorporating both his legal and non-legal training and experience. His cross-disciplinary practice gives him a broad legal perspective to draw from. Bryan formally became a Partner of the firm in January 2022.
Defining Due Diligence in Real Estate Transactions
By: Christopher J. Charles, Esq.
In terms of a real estate transaction, due diligence is the ability of the buyer to inspect and review every aspect of the real estate before closing on the transaction. A buyer can hire professionals to perform independent inspections, personally inspect the property, and review records related to the property to perform its due diligence. Due diligence is a regular part of all real estate transactions, both residential and commercial.
In Memoriam of
Judge Rosa Mroz
We are deeply saddened by the loss of Arizona Superior Court Judge Rosa Mroz and our prayers are with her family. She tragically passed away on 2.5.22. Provident Law® has worked with Judge Rosa Mroz many times and her passing is a loss to our legal community.
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