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Issue 2: April 2013

In this Issue 

  • When a Cease-and-Desist Letter Arrives, Keep Calm, Carry On, But Do Respond
  • Certain Tax Benefits and Business Arrangements Available Only if Spelled Out in the Governing Agreement
  • Employers Beware: You May Be Personally Liable for Unpaid Wages 
  • Patent Trolls:  the Intellectual Property Predators Trying to Take a Bite Out of Your Business
  • Muddled Notice Means a Longer Wait to Take Possession in Foreclosure  
When a Cease-and-Desist Letter Arrives, Keep Calm, Carry On, But Do Respond


The arrival of a cease-and-desist letter is an obvious warning; your choice among less obvious options in response may have a profound effect on your defense of any resulting lawsuit. 



Tax & Corporate Law
Employment Law

If you are a member of an LLC taxed as a partnership or a partner of a partnership, you may be able to revalue the property of the LLC or partnership upon the occurrence of certain events, but you must have certain provisions in your operating agreement or partnership agreement to do so.

A recent Maryland high-court decision has expanded liability under the Maryland Wage Payment and Collection Law ("Wage Payment Act") to individual officers, directors, stockholders and supervisors who exert sufficient control over the employment relationship. 

Commercial Real Estate
Intellectual Property

Landlords, tenants, and foreclosure purchasers are often confused about how long a tenant may reside at a property if the property is sold at a foreclosure sale. The answer depends on the timing of the lease, the mortgage, and the clarity of the notice provided to the tenant. 

Stand guard against patent owners who acquire patents, and attempt to enforce them, for the sole purpose of extracting fees. You are not defenseless. 

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