September 2021
Legends Are Made in the Fourth Quarter. You Can Be a Legend. Here's How...
The football games we remember the most are always won in the fourth quarter. When Tom Brady is losing as he goes into the final quarter of the game, the opponent better watch out! Champions are born, leaders emerge as legends and the most inspirational moments in sports history unfold when winners find a way to win against impossible odds.

The same can be true about your business as we go into the fourth quarter. If you are not where you want to be, or you feel like you are up against impossible odds, the champion in you can be born as you lead your company to victory emerging as a legend in your franchise and making history that will inspire others for years to come.

We are in the fourth quarter. The game is not over yet. Get clear and specific on what you want to accomplish. Do not try to figure out exactly how to accomplish it. Just get clear on what you want. Invest time imagining the outcomes: projects completed, contracts signed, making historical bank deposits. Your job as the leader of your organization is to dream the dream and stay committed to your vision. If you stare at reality that is not equal to your dream, you will only create more of what you are staring at. The fastest, easiest and most inspiring way out of a rut or a business that is not going in the right direction is for a leader to create an inspired vision and get the entire team on board. There is no time to talk about what if or contingency plans. This is the time to move confidently toward the vision.

The Daly Coach is a big advocate for the “Daly” plan! In your “Daly” plan, break down your fourth quarter goal into daily goals that allow you and your team to come to work each day focused only on what has to be accomplished that day. If you want your most wild dreams to come true, you should write them down. Post them where you and your team can see them throughout the day. In my office, I have goals on the wall in front of me. These reminders keep me focused and
clear. Every Monday, I make lists of what I want to accomplish that week and then divide that list into 5 days. My newest and most remarkable trick is using the power of expectation by writing 1., 2., 3., 4., etc on a blank sheet of paper and then waiting for the prospects to appear. This is the most magical and easiest trick I have ever proven to work. Try it. Whatever you are targeting in your business: new leads, sales, etc. write how many are coming your way that week by numbering a sheet of paper. Do not waste any energy contradicting yourself. Just write it down and then get to work as you normally would. You will laugh at the effortlessness and ease with which you start attracting business.

The law of attraction is like the law of gravity. Whether you realize it or not, you are using it every day. If you want to turn your business around in the fourth quarter, it is as easy as finding the happiest feeling thought you can imagine about your business and moving in the direction of it. Picture a raft going with the current. When you are having fun, feeling in control and crystal clear about what you want, you are in your raft riding the river downstream. The second you contradict your positive outcome with what ifs or negative talk, you have turned your raft upstream. The good news is downstream is just a positive thought away. The more you learn to control your thoughts and stay in the dream, the more momentum you will create, and the faster your results will come. It takes some practice to stay in the flow, but once you feel the ease of the ride, you will want to keep moving downstream. As you achieve history making results with relative ease, you will know exactly how Tom Brady feels when he is in the pocket with no time left on the clock with pressure on all sides but can still throw that winning touchdown pass with amazing accuracy every time.

Every legendary game in sports history was made in the fourth quarter, on the last lap or on the last hole. Let’s make 2021 a legendary year for your business. Create that vision. Make it so big that even you will be in awe when it comes true. Inspire your team to believe, stay focused on the win and then execute on your daily goals.
Who among us 40 and 50 year olds does not wish to look and feel younger?
Everyone wants to hold on to their vitality, looks and health. Well, what if you could offer the natural therapies of a holistic clinic such as vitamin injections and hormone replacement therapy plus med spa services such as cool sculpting and dermal fillers? This new, fast-growing franchise is making heads turn, literally and financially!

  • Revolutionary Concept in the Beauty & Anti-Aging Space
  • Company Founded in 2014
  • No Experience Needed
  • Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Comprehensive Multi-Phased Training
  • Small, Experienced Staff
  • Great Working Hours
  • High Margin Services
  • Membership-Based
  • Incredible Earnings Potential

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If you follow my fourth quarter advice every quarter of your business, you will never care about validating anyone else’s EBIDTA. In fact, your results may be so legendary that others will want to emulate you.
Congratulations to my August candidates who said YES! to their business ownership dreams! Keep dreaming bold dreams and never give up! You inspire me every day!
Lance & Jessica | Dallas, TX
Floor Coverings International

Mark & Jen | Denver, CO
Success with Kim Daly!

We had a great experience working with Kim. At first, although we were excited we were a bit unsure of what we wanted and a little overwhelmed by the many, many options out there – but with Kim we landed on a perfect fit! Kim’s process is spot on! She helped us narrow down our options, understand the why and really enjoy the discovery process! What we thought at first and where we landed with our new business evolved and was surprisingly different than what we thought we would end up doing. Kim’s enthusiasm and knowledge of the industry gave us much understanding and confidence to choose the franchise brand and support team we love and will succeed with!
Robert & Michelle - Tampa, FL
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