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CA Reducing Disparities Project Funding Opportunities - Feedback Needed by April 8


The Office of Health Equity will be awarding grants as a part of the Reducing Disparities Project. We have the opportunity right now to provide feedback on what those grants should look like. OHE is seeking public comments on their draft solicitations. If you have any thoughts about applying for this funding, this is a great opportunity to look at the draft proposals and advocate for our self interest. If there's something in there that would make it hard for you to apply, let OHE know that!


There are two types of solicitations, Capacity Building Pilot Projects and Implementation Pilot Projects. Implementation Pilot Projects target organizations with the capacity to begin implementation immediately. Capacity Building Pilot Projects target organizations that may lack the capacity to apply for Implementation Pilot Project grants. Each type has one for each of the targeted populations (African American, Asian Pacific Islander, Latino, LGBTQ and Native American). The five drafts are currently very similar.


Draft proposal

You do not have to log in or register--you can use the gray or blue button to download either the packet or individual documents.  Public Comment ends on April 8, 2015 at 5:00pm

All comments must be submitted in writing to CRDPpilot@cdph.ca.gov


Legislation - Upcoming Hearings!

Support and opposition letters are generally due one week before the hearing date. You can find sample letters for some of legislation on our website, or get in touch with the contact person listed. Full text of the bills can be found at http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/.


AB 339 (Gordon) - Prescription Drug Cost Sharing : Would prohibit insurers from putting all or most of the medications available for a condition on the highest cost tiers in the formulary.
hearing 4/28 in Assembly Health Committee
contact Kate Burch (kburch@health-access.org) for more information

SB 137 (Hernandez) - Accurate Provider Directories: would set standards for provider directories and establish more oversight on accuracy so people know whether their doctor and hospital are in network when they shop for coverage, when they change coverage, or when they try to use their coverage to get care.

hearing 4/15 in Senate Health Committee

contact Kate Burch (kburch@health-access.org) for more information

SB 592 (Leyva) - Protecting Against Adolescent Relationship Abuse: Defines adolescent relationship abuse and a dating partner for purposes of the Interagency School Safety Demonstration Act of 1985. Requires comprehensive school safety plans to include the development of procedures and policies to prevent and respond to adolescent relationship abuse in middle and high schools.

hearing 4/15 in Senate Education Committee

Contact CA Partnership to End Domestic Violence for more informatio

SB 703 (Leno) - State Contracting and Equal Benefits: Ensures that out of state companies that contract with the state of California provide insurance benefits to transgender employees, as is required of companies that operate in California.

hearing 4/14 in Senate Governmental Organization Committee

Contact Jo Michael (jo@eqca.org) for more information 


SB 731 (Leno) - Appropriate Placements for Foster Youth: Ensures that placements for foster youth in group homes reflect gender identity. Adds gender identity to the Foster Care Bill of Rights and enables child welfare workers to place a child according to the child's gender identity.

hearing 4/14 in Senate Human Services Committee

Contact Jo Michael (jo@eqca.org) for more information 

Other Legislation Updates
You can find links to fact sheets and sample letters for some of the bills on our website. Full text of the bills can be found at  http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/.

AB 87 (Stone) - Peremptory Juror Challenges:  Would prohibit a party from using a peremptory challenge to remove a prospective juror on the basis of gender identity.
no hearing set, in Senate Judiciary Committee

AB 329 (Weber) - The California Healthy Youth Act : Would update and strengthen existing law to ensure that students appropriate HIV prevention education.

no hearing set, in Assembly Education Committee

AB 418 (Chiu) - Termination of Tenancy for Victims of Violent Crime : Would reduce  the time limit for survivors of domestic violence to give a notice of intent to vacate to their landlord.
passed out of Assembly Judiciary Committee

AB 827 (O'Donnell) - STI Counseling Information Included in Sex Ed Requires a school district that elects to offer comprehensive sexual education to also provide information on local resources for counseling for sexually transmitted diseases.
no hearing set, in Assembly Education Committee

AB 959 (Chiu) - LGBT Disparities Reduction Act:   Requires some California government agencies to collect data on sexual orientation and gender identity that could be used to better address disparities in health and well-being for our communities.
no hearing set, in Assembly Accountability and Administrative Review Committee 

AB 960 (Chiu) - Equal Protection of All Families Act: Would allow unmarried people using assisted reproduction to be fully recognized as parents on the same terms as married parents.
no hearing set, in Assembly Judiciary Committee


AB 1396 (Bonta) - Medi-Cal: Tobacco Tax: Would allocate the revenue generated from SB 591 (Pan) to tobacco control efforts but mostly to Medi-Cal, with the intent to support rate increases and access to care (companion bill to SB 591).

no hearing set, in Assembly Health Committee


SB 4 (Lara) - Health 4 All: Would allow Californians otherwise excluded because of immigration status to buy coverage through an exchange like Covered California - but using their own money and without subsidies; would extend Medi-Cal to those remaining undocumented under 138% of FPL for adults and 261% FPL for kids.

no hearing set


SB 147 (Hernandez) - Federally Qualified Health Centers: Would authorize an Alternate Payment Method pilot project: participating FQHCs would receive capitated monthly payments for each Medi-Cal managed care enrollee assigned to the FQHC in place of the wrap-around, fee-for-service per-visit payments from the Department.

no hearing set, in Senate Health Committee


SB 591 (Pan) - Medi-Cal: Tobacco Tax: Would raise the state tobacco tax by $2 per pack. Proceeds will be directed to the state's tobacco control program and to improve access to health care, including the treatment of cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung disease, and other diseases related to tobacco use, for low-income California families and individuals.

no hearing set, in Senate Health Committee and Senate Governance and Finance Committee


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