TRAA's Legislative Action Day
2019 in Review
If you weren't at TRAA's Legislative Action Day last month, you missed out on valuable intel! From laws to regulations, attendees learned what it takes to make changes the industry, and businesses, need to move forward.

Al Redmer Jr. (Maryland's Insurance Commission) taught attendees what the Insurance Administration does and how they can help towers in an insurance dispute. Wouldn't that be useful information for your business?

Raymond Martinez, FMCSA Administrator, reminded us that while we may not agree on ELD or HOS mandates, the agency is trying to improve roadway safety and reduce crashes. We all agree on the mission, we just don’t agree on how to get there. Administrator Martinez acknowledged that FMCSA needs buy-in from the towing industry and invited TRAA’s representatives to meet with him personally to discuss the industry’s concerns. TRAA’s Legislative Action Day was a seamless first step in making progress on these important issues impacting the nation’s towing industry. TRAA representatives will be meeting with Administrator Martinez imminently.
Lastly, we heard from Congressman James P. McGovern (MA-02). If anyone knows how to change a law, its someone who’s been in the House of Representatives since 1996. When it comes to changing laws that negatively impact the industry, we need to be specific; a laundry-list of problems isn’t going to get traction. According to Congressman McGovern, the towing industry’s ability to galvanize and demonstrate support when a law is being considered is also critical. Every contact counts; be it a letter, an email, a call, or an in-person meeting. Your voice can make a difference.

While each speaker had their own insight, one unified message repeated throughout the event. When it comes to legislative change, you’ve got to learn the process, follow the procedure, and present a united front.

If you missed this year's event, don't worry. TRAA will be hosting another legislative event next year, stay tuned for more details! If you want to get involved in meantime, check out TRAA's "40 in 40" campaign funding the associations new federal lobbyist.

Want more? Look forward to fantastic articles on TRAA's Legislative Action Day in upcoming issues of American Towman and Tow Professional.