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Reject anti-U.S. indoctrination
in North Carolina classrooms

  • Join hundreds in Raleigh
  • NO to Critical Race Theory
  • Today 9:30 am - 2:00 pm
Citizens are descending upon the North Carolina General Assembly from 9:30 am until 2:00 pm TODAY to share personal concerns about the state's imperiled education system with their Legislators. It's time for our voices to be heard. 
This Day of Action will focus on a Stop Hate in the Classroom campaign to end critical race theory curricula in schools. Our children and our country's future are at risk as radical Left educators seek to re-write history -- literally.

The State Board of Education recently approved the adoption of major changes in K-12 Social Studies curricula, drawing the battlelines.
Handouts will be available. Guides will lead you to your Legislator's office to present your personal comments and pre-printed handouts.

The materials and event are organized by a coalition of state organizations, including the Education First Alliance NC and its founder Sloan Rachmuth, who recently addressed the Moore Republican Women's April luncheon.

Also on hand to speak to assembled activists will be The Heritage Foundation's Terris Todd (photo above), former Executive Director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans.

Organizational support also is provided by Conservative Coalition North Carolina (, Liberty First Grassroots ( and No Left Turn in Education ( and its founder, Dr. Elana Yaron Fishbein.

Acting against the will of the parents of North Carolina, the Board of Education approved the standards anyway. The legislature can STOP critical race theory from being implemented in K-12, but your representatives need to hear from you now!
Senate Bill 700 shines light
on political bias in schools

Proposed legislation filed last week in the North Carolina General Assembly requires that if the viewpoint of one of the two major political parties is presented, then equal time must be given to the other party’s viewpoint.

The legislation comes amid complaints from conservatives that public schools are intent on infusing curricula with liberal social justice agendas.

The primary sponsors of Senate Bill 700 are all Republicans: Sens. Chuck Edwards of Henderson County, Joyce Krawiec of Forsyth County, and Ralph Hise of Mitchell County. Read more.

Cooper's 2021 budget
proposal is a spending orgy

Who's shaking the jar?

If you catch 100 red fire ants as well as 100 large black ants, and put them in a jar, at first, nothing will happen. However, if you violently shake the jar and dump them back on the ground the ants will fight until they eventually kill each other. The thing is, the red ants think the black ants are the enemy and vice versa, when in reality, the real enemy is the person who shook the jar. This is exactly what’s happening in society today. (Zero Hedge, March 25, 2021). Read more.
North Carolina physician
explains Wuhan scheme
By Rashid Buttar

The Chinese biological laboratory in Wuhan is owned by Glaxosmithkline, which (accidentally) owns Pfizer (the pharma that makes the vaccine against the virus) that was (accidentally) started at the Wuhan Biological Lab and was (accidentally) funded by Dr. (Anthony) Fauci, who (accidentally) promotes the vaccine.

Glaxosmithkline is (accidentally) managed by the finance division of Black Rock, which (accidentally) manages the finances of the Open Source Foundation Company (the Soros Foundation), which (accidentally) manages the French AXA.

Soros (accidentally) owns the German company, Winterthur, which (accidentally) built a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan and was acquired by Germany's Allianz, which (coincidentally) is a shareholder of Black Rock, which (coincidentally) controls central banks and manages about a third of global investment capital.

Black Rock also is (coincidentally) a major shareholder of Microsoft, owned by Bill Gates, who (coincidentally) is a shareholder of Pfizer (which, remember, sells a miracle vaccine) and (coincidentally) is now the first sponsor of World Health Organization (WHO).

Now you understand how a dead bat sold in a wet market in China has infected the whole planet.

Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, is the Medical Director for the Center for Advanced Medicine in Mooresville, NC. He trained in General Surgery and Emergency Medicine and served as Brigade Surgeon and Director of Emergency Medicine while serving in the U.S. Army. 
Why we fight

By Pauline Bruno

(On April 12) we delivered 1,000 signed letters to (the Moore County Board of Education), letting it be known how we (citizens) despise Critical Race Theory curricula, and refuse to allow it in our schools.

You will not indoctrinate our children! You will not divide our babies! You will not be a pariah diminishing the memory and work of our beloved Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Title 4 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination in public schools because of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. Additionally, the Equal Educational Opportunities Act of 1974 prohibits deliberate segregation on the basis of race, color and national origin.

School districts – meaning ours -- are required to vanquish barriers to equal participation. To quote Rev. King: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Do not think for one second that the citizens you represent will let this matter ride. If it becomes necessary to file a lawsuit to stop this indoctrination, we will join with other state-wide groups fighting this hateful ideology in the courts.

We will not allow the innocence of our children to be warped by hate and radical Left nonsense.

These remarks by Pauline Bruno, president of Moore Republican Women, before the Moore County Board of Education, are published here with her permission.

Foundation for Applied
Conservative Leadership
April 24, 2021
Campaign Management Seminar
Quantico Tactical
9796 Aberdeen Rd., Aberdeen
Limited to 25 attendees
Contact Ken Benway:

8th District Convention
Saturday, April 17
Lee County GOP Headquarters
101 S. Steele Street, Sanford
2 p.m. 

9th District Convention
Saturday, April 17
Monroe Convention Center
11 a.m.

Moore County Republican
Men's Club Luncheon
Thursday, April 22
Country Club of NC
Registration: 11:30 a.m.
Featured speaker:
State Treasurer Dale Folwell
Register now. Will sell out!

NC GOP State Convention
June 3 - 6
Greenville Convention Center
  Moore Co. delegates max.: 124
NC Ninth District Convention in Monroe convenes Saturday

Click here to register to attend the
NC Ninth District convention
April 17, 2021. 11:00 am.

Brett Winterble is a member of the new lineup of guest hosts of the Rush Limbaugh Show in addition to his regular mid-day talk show on Charlotte's WBT. Brett started his radio career in the early 1990s as the call screener for Rush, a position he held for almost 10 years. Brett will be the featured guest speaker at the Ninth District Republican Party Convention this Saturday.

"The weaponization of a contagious, but highly non-lethal to anyone under 80 years old, flu became the perfect camouflage of fear to bailout the teetering financial system and creating turmoil, chaos, and distrust among the populace."
Scott Tyler Durden, writing for, on March 25, 2021, in a column entitled, "The Weaponization of a Contagion."

By the numbers


Illegal migrants apprehended at the US-Mexico border in March, according to a Washington Post analysis of preliminary data from Customs and Border Protection (CBP). This marks the highest number of migrants taken into custody in a single month since 2006.
Top: Sheriff Ronnie Fields (center) hosted the Sheriff's Shootout golf fundraiser April 12 at The Country Club of North Carolina. He is flanked by Chief Deputy Richard Maness (right) and North Carolina Supreme Court justice Phil Berger, Jr. Below: The event's Mixed Division champions, including your editor's pride and joy, Layne Woodward (center). She is flanked by Jackson Smith (right) and Brandon Grzywacz.
The greatest force

By Steve Woodward

Martin Luther King Jr., a champion of black equality, urged that Americans be judged by “the content of their character”, regardless of skin color or ethnicity.

American history, as well as the history of mankind, has known untold numbers of people who have occupied this planet while demonstrating a complete character void. In contrast, the great American experiment has revealed the goodness endowed in us by our Creator, and has seen America in a relative blink of an eye become the greatest force for good and redemption the world has ever known. Read more.