Keep the pressure on.

HB883 now goes to the

Senate Judiciary Committee as Senate Bill 745

Senate Bill 745 (SB745) is the Senate companion bill to HB883.  It will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee at 3:00 p.m. CST. on Tuesday, February 28th. In the words of Constitutional expert Paul Linton, this legislation, “entirely rewrites state law (Human Life Protection Act) and in doing so, creates an abortion law that would be, in practice, if not in principle, unenforceable.” 


You are making a difference. Don't stop now.  


House Health Committee members were overwhelmed with the number of emails and phone calls they received in opposition to this dangerous legislation and at least four legislators removed their names from sponsorship of the bill.  Action was delayed in the Health Committee until next Wednesday. 


In the meantime, the Senate Judiciary Committee will take up ALL abortion related bills, including SB745 at their meeting on Tuesday. 


It is important that Committee members hear from YOU! 

On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear the following proposals:


  • SB745/HB883 – Would significantly change the Human Life Protection Act and start to chip away at Tennessee’s strong protections for ALL unborn children in our state. TRL is asking Committee Members to vote NO. This is a priority!

  • SB857 – (Haile/Rudder) Would remove protections from some of our most vulnerable citizens under the premise of “exceptions”.  Right now, Tennessee law protects the right to life of ALL unborn children – let’s keep it that way.  TRL is asking Committee Members to vote NO

  •  SB762(Lamar) Allows abortion on demand. TRL is asking Committee Members to vote NO.

  • SB983 (Yager) Weakens affirmative defense to a subjective standard. TRL is asking Committee Members to vote NO.


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