Financial Disclosures up Thursday in Senate Committee

CS/SB 774 (Brodeur) would require all municipal mayors, city commissioners, and elected members of a municipal governing body to file an annual Full Disclosure of Financial Interests (Form 6) with the Florida Commission on Ethics. These individuals are currently required to file only a Limited Disclosure of Financial Interests (Form 1).

In Florida, county commissioners, county constitutional officers, state lawmakers and other state officials are currently required to file Form 6. 

CS/SB 774 will be considered by the Senate Rules Committee on Thursday, March 30 at 8:30 am (EST).
Actions Needed:
  1. If you have concerns with this bill, as a city official, it is imperative that you come to Tallahassee to testify on this issue in person for Thursday’s committee meeting.
  2. If you have a senator who sits on the committee, contact them and share why you oppose this bill.
  3. Review the bullet points linked below to help formulate your personalized message.
  4. Please contact Allison Payne at or 850.545.2755, if you plan to attend in person. Please keep Allison informed on what communications you have with legislators on this issue.
Additional Information:
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