Short-term Rental Bill Up Today on the House Floor
OPPOSE Duggan Amendment (Barcode 433635)
CS/SB 714 (DiCeglie) is the Senate short term rental bill and will be considered by the full House Today (5/2/23).

An amendment has been filed that would do the following:
  • Guts the local registration process and ties the hands of local governments by removing any meaningful enforcement authority at the local level. 

  • Delegates this responsibility to an overwhelmed state agency (DBPR) with a poor performance record.

  • Makes it harder to deal with problem properties. Only after being labeled a “habitual offender”, could a city ask DBPR to suspend the property’s vacation rental license. Nothing requires DBPR to take any action after receiving such notice from the city.

  • Eliminates a requirement that property designees be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week IF the registrant has five or fewer properties.

  • Removes the ability for cities to inspect vacation rentals for compliance with the building and fire codes.

  • Caps registration fees at $100 for up to five properties; $200 for 6-25 properties; and no fee is permitted for more than 26 properties.
Actions Needed:
Please contact your Representative ASAP (click here for House contact info) and urge them to oppose Amendment (Barcode 433635) because it further erodes municipal tools and authority to effectively manage STR’s. 

Please contact Tara Taggart Chilton with any questions!
Keep Us Informed
Please email Allison Payne and let us know what communications you have with legislators on this issue.  

Thank you for your advocacy efforts!