January 17, 2020

HB 6073 By Rep. Mariano - SB 1826 by Sen. Brandes

Legislation was filed by Rep. Amber Mariano (R-Hudson) and Sen. Jeff Brandes
(R -St. Petersburg) removing ALL education requirements for surveying and mapping, reducing the continuing education requirements from 24 to 12 hours per biennium, and reducing the requirement to take the exam to no degree and 2 years of experience. This legislation, if enacted, would result in the State of Florida transitioning from being a leader in surveying standards to being at the bottom, relegating the surveying and mapping profession to a trade. Not even a high school diploma required!

I urge you in the strongest manner possible to contact your local State Senators and Representatives from your county to express your opposition to HB 6073 and SB 1826. If you do not know who your legislators from your county are, you can find that information here:

When you contact your local legislator, please be respectful in your tone, and if you have not written to a legislator before, some helpful tips are here: http://www.flsenate.gov/About/EffectiveCommunication

At this time, do not contact Rep. Mariano. If she is your local Representative, contact FSMS for guidance.

Why education and experience requirements for surveyors are important:
Safety of Florida's residents and visitors depend on educated professionals.

Surveying and mapping is the foundation of all public works projects including state water boundaries, resource protection projects, public roadways, water management projects, and Property Appraiser Geographic Information Services. It is in the best interest of the public to ensure this is done by competent professionals with the requisite education to address the multi-faceted surveying and mapping needs. Eliminating the degree requirement will ultimately lead to more costly errors in both public and private sector projects, undermine the credibility of this crucial professional service, and be a huge step backwards for a State whose economic engine remains population growth.

With ever-increasing complexity of technology in the measuring sciences, a degree and continuing education are necessary.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education is at the forefront of our national economy and the need to increase students and graduates in these categories are critical to our Nation's standing in the world and ability to compete in advanced technology. Surveying and Mapping education falls squarely in this category. Elimination of education for an engineering related profession is in direct opposition to the educational requirements needed in a 21st Century economy.

Out of Step?

All neighboring States have similar degree and educational requirements. At the National/Federal level, surveying and mapping is included in the A/E Professions with a minimum requirement of a bachelor's degree and licensure in order to perform services. Florida is the most dynamic State in the Nation, growing at a pace of 1000 people a day. Elimination of education requirements for surveyors and mappers is not in the best interest of the people of Florida and would usher in a step back for our growth based economy.

Your lobby team, legislative committee and FSMS Board are communicating constantly and working diligently to defeat this horrendously bad legislation.

Situations like this are when you PAC has the most influence and why we MUST maintain a strong PAC.

The only thing I have left to say is ACT NOW!
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