February 27, 2017          No. 9

2017-18, No.9
February 27, 2017

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Lead Service Lateral Bill Introduced

Overturn Walgreens Decision Web Page Created

Thanks Lobby Team

Watch League Staff Testimony Before Ways and Means

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Positive TIF Stories

Recently Introduced Legislation

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Bill Introduced Allowing Water Utilities to Create Financial Assistance Programs for Replacing Lead Service Laterals   
Last week, legislation making it lawful for a water utility to provide financial assistance for the removal of private lead service lines was formally introduced as SB 48 and AB 78. The League strongly supports this bipartisan legislation, which has an impressive 49 co-sponsors. We expect public hearings to be scheduled on the bills soon. 
Visit our new Overturn the Walgreens Decision Web Page   
The League has created a new "Overturn the Walgreens Decision" web page to accompany our dark store loophole recources page.  You can view it here:

The link to our dark store resources page is:

Thanks Lobby Team!
The Darlington & Platteville delegation met with Rep. Todd Novak in his Capitol office on February 15. 
Thanks to the League Lobby Team members who met with their Legislators in the Capitol and those that are meeting with them in their Districts. 

You can join the Lobby Team. The next Lobby Day is May 10. Learn more here.
Watch the Video - 
League Staff & Jay Winzenz Testify Before Assembly Ways & Means Comm. 

Jay Winzenz, the City Of Eau Claire Finance Director joined Jerry Deschane and Curt Witynski on February 23 to testify before the  Assembly Committee on Ways and Means.  The committee held  an informational hearing on the state and local tax structure. The three spoke to the committee about municipal sources of revenue, including the property tax and state aid programs like shared revenue. Eau Claire Finance Director Jay Winzenz, explained Eau Claire's municipal budget and the strategies the city uses to pay for the services that citizens and business expect. Thanks to WisconsinEye, you can watch their testimony here... (the League testimony starts at 68 minutes.)
In the News
Appleton takes on 'dark store' tax loophole
"If tax refunds from Appleton to large retailers using what's known as the "dark store" tax loophole continue, homeowners and small business owners could see their property taxes increase another $140 a year, according to City Assessor DeAnn Brosman." Read the full story...

FOX 11 Investigates: Should government legal notices still be published in newspapers?
"According to a survey by the League of Wisconsin municipalities, in 2015, cities spent an average of $10,979 on legal notices. Villages, which have more flexibility about what needs to be published. spent an average $1,824." Read the full story... 
Please Send Us Your Postive TIF Stories
We are in a coalition with the Wisconsin Realtors Association, NAIOP and the Wisconsin Economic Development Association to gather positive TIF stories. See our TIF page here.

Please email your TIF stories to league@lwm-info.org
Recently Introduced Legislation  

SB 48/ AB 78 , Allowing Municipalities and Municipal Water Utilities to Create Financial Assistance Programs for Helping Private Property Owners with the Cost of Replacing Lead Water Service Laterals.  By Sen. Cowles (R-Green Bay) and Rep. Thiesfeldt (R-Fond du Lac). The League supports this bill. Comment to the League on this bill

SB 49, Broadband Expansion in Rural Areas. This bill makes changes to the following: 1) a broadband grant program administered by the Public Service Commission; 2) the authority of the Department pf Natural Resources and the Department of Transportation regarding certain fees relating to the construction of broadband infrastructure; and 3) the Technology for Educational Achievement program, known as TEACH, which is administered by the 
Department of Administration. By Sen. Marklein (R-Spring Green). The League supports this bill. Comment to the League on this bill.  

SB 51/AB 81, Technical Changes and updates to the TIF Law Sought by the Department of Revenue.  By Sen. Stroebel (R-Saukville) and Rep. Steffen (R-Howard). The League is neutral on this bill. Comment to the League on this bill.

SB 61, Forfeiture of Property Seized in Relation to a Crime.  Among other things, this bill  requires that all proceeds from the sale of all forfeited property be  turned in to the state school fund. It also prohibits local law enforcement agencies  from transferring property to federal agencies for forfeiture under federal law unless  the value of the property exceeds $50,000 or the property can be forfeited only under  federal law. In addition, the bill requires seized property to be returned to innocent owners of the property unless the owners were 
involved with or knowledgeable about the crime related to his or her property. By Sen. Craig (R-Big Bend).  The League is neutral on this bill. Comment to the League on this bill

SB 66/AB 85, Allowing Elected Local Officials to Serve as Election Officials. This bill provides that an individual holding a local public office may be 
appointed to serve as an election official without having to vacate the local public office. Current law prohibits an individual from serving as an election official at an election for which the individual is a candidate. The bill does not change that prohibition. By Sen. Bewley (D-Mason) and Rep. Subeck (D-Madison). The League supports this bill.  Comment to the League on this bill.
Public Hearings  

SB 12, Multiple Jurisdiction Health Departments Clean-Up Bill. Senate Committee on Government Operations, Technology and Consumer Protection at 3:30 on Tuesday, February 28 in Room 201 Southeast, State Capitol. The League supports this bill.