March 13, 2017          No. 11

2017-18, No.11
March 13, 2017

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Public Hearing on Publishing Meeting Minutes Online

Public Hearings on Municipal Bills this Week

Bill Prohibiting Project Labor Agreements Sent to Governor

State Budget Timeline Coming Into Focus

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Recently Introduced Legislation

Public Hearings
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Public Hearing this week on allowing meeting minutes to be Published on Municipal Web Sites   
On Tuesday, March 14, the Senate Economic Development, Commerce, and Local Government Committee will hold a public hearing at 10:00 on   
SB 42 , publishing meeting minutes on a community's web site.   This bill, which the League strongly supports allows municipalities to post governing body meeting minutes in one public place and on the community's web site, instead of paying for newspaper publication. 

The Assembly Local Government Committee held a hearing last week on the Assembly companion bill, AB 70 The League's Curt Witynski testified in support of the bill.  His written testimony is posted on the League's web site, here.  
Senate Passes Multiple Jurisdiction Health Department Clean-up Bill   
Last week, the Senate passed by voice vote SB 12, clarifying that municipalities involved in multiple jurisdiction health departments may divide up the cost of the program between themselves in any manner they agree upon. Current law requires the cost sharing formula to be based on population and equalized value exclusively. The League supports the flexibility offered by SB 12 and its Assembly companion, AB 27.  
Bill Prohibiting Project Labor Agreements Sent to Governor Walker  
Last week, both houses voted along partisan lines to pass SB 3, prohibiting the state and local governments from doing any of the following with regard to public construction contracts: 1) require that a bidder enter into an agreement with a labor organization; 2) consider, when awarding a contract, whether a bidder has or has not entered into an agreement with a labor organization; or 3) require that a bidder enter into an agreement that requires that the bidder or bidder's employees become or remain members of a labor organization or pay any dues or fees to a labor organization. 

While few, if any, communities will be affected by the bill, the League opposed SB 3 on the principle of defending local control.  The bill has been sent to the Governor for his signature. 
State Budget Timeline Coming into Focus   
Last week, the Wheeler Report and other news organizations reported that the Legislature's Joint Commiteee on Finance has settled on the following tentative schedule for working on the state budget:
Agency briefings before the committee:  March 27-March 30
Public Hearings:
April 3 -- Platteville
April 5 -- Milwaukee
April 7 -- Marinette
April 18 -- Spooner
April 19 -- Ellsworth
April 21 -- TBD
The committee plans to begin voting on making amendments to the Governor's recommended state budget starting May 2.
In the News

WNA testifies against Assembly Bill 70
(AB 70, which the League strongly supports, allows municipalities to post governing body meeting minutes in one public place and on the community's web site, instead of paying for newspaper publication.)

"Supporters of the bill who spoke at the hearing included Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt, a Republican from Fond du Lac and lead author of Assembly Bill 70; Dan Rossmiller, director of government relations for the Wisconsin Association of School Boards (WASB); Curt Witynski, assistant director of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities; and Brett Hyde, vice president of the Muskego-Norway School District and second vice president of WASB."  Read the story here...
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Recently Introduced Legislation  

SB 97 , Requiring Municipaliities to Pay the Health Insurance Premiums of Surviving Spouses and Dependent Children of Police, Fire Fighters, and EMTs who die in the Line of Duty. Under the bill, DOA reimburses municipalities for the cost of the benefit from the state's Shared Revenue program.  The health insurance coverage requirement applies retroactively.  By Sen. Wanggaard (R-Racine) The League has not yet taken a position on this bill, but in the past the League has been neutral on similar legislation. Comment to the League on this bill

AB 127Prohibiting local ordinances, resolutions, and policies that prohibit immigration status inquiries and reports to, and cooperation with, other units of government about the presence of illegal aliens, authorizing a resident of this state to commence an enforcement action, and providing a reduction in shared revenue payments. By Rep. Brandtjen (R-Menomonee Falls). The has not taken a position on this bill. Comment to the League on this bill.  

AB 130, Local Regulation of Cell Towers.   Authorizes a municipality to prohibit any person from placing a new mobile service support structure within, or within 750 feet of the boundary of,
a residential zoning district that is the least dense of all such districts in the political subdivision. The bill also prohibits any person from placing such a structure within, or within 200 feet of the boundary of, the next two least dense residential zoning
districts in the political subdivision. The bill defines density to be the number of housing units per acre in a political subdivision. By Rep. Allen (R-Waukesha). The League supports this bill. Comment to the League on this bill.
Public Hearings  

SB 42Allowing municipalities to publish governing body meeting minutes on the community's web site instead of in the official newspaper. Senate Committee on Economic Development, Commerce, and Local Government at 10:00 on Tuesday, March 14, in Room 330 Southwest, State Capitol. The League supports this bill.