March 19, 2018          No. 60
2017-18, #60
March 19, 2018

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Senate Taking Up Landlord and other Municipal Bills Tomorrow

Municipal Bills the Senate Won't Take Up

Status Update on Bill Allowing Minors to Lifeguard

End of Session Webinar March 22

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Senate Taking up Landlord and other  Municipal Bills Tomorrow 

The Senate's last floor day of the regular session is tomorrow, March 20. The Assembly's last floor date was February 22. The Senate plans to take up AB 771, the Landlord Bill tomorrow. The League switched from being opposed to neutral on this bill after the author agreed to make many changes. A March 15 Legislative Council memo describes the changes made to AB 771.  

The Senate is voting on and will likely pass the following other municipal bills tomorrow that the Assembly has already passed:

AB 120, Class 2 and Class 3 Legal Notices. Allows a municipality the option to publish a summary notice, instead of the full content that may be required under current law, for the second and third insertions of Class 2 and 3 notices, if the summary indicates that the full notices can be viewed on the municipal website and other specified places. The League supports this bill.
AB 636 , Changing standard for removing appointed city officers from for cause to at pleasure . A League memo comparing the bill to current law is posted online here. The League supports this bill.

AB 654, Dispatcher Assisted CPR. Requires dispatchers at public safety answering points to provide telephonic assistance on administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The League is neutral on this bill. 
AB 659 Allowing municipalities to make the same levy limit adjustment when subtracting territory from a TIF district as currently allowed when closing a district.  The League initiated this bill. 
AB 691, Establishing Standards for eligible bidders at foreclosure sales and eligible purchasers of foreclosed property. The League supports this bill.

AB 748 Specifying certain areas of employment law for which statewide uniformity applies and for which any local regulation is preempted.  (The Assembly passed a  floor amendment  removing the preemption of local ordinances relating to employment discrimination, but retained other preemption language regarding minimum wages.) The League opposes this bill.
AB 752 ,  Provides that alcohol beverage license and permit application forms may not require more than one signature on behalf of the applicant and are not  required to be sworn to or notarized. The League is neutral on this bill. 

AB 821 , Exempting improvements donated to a municipality from the competitive bidding requirements. The League supports this bill .
AB 836, Increasing the population standard for populous counties. The League supports this bill.
AB 882, Authorizing a municipality to enact an ordinance providing for the immobilization (booting) or towing, impoundment, and disposal of vehicles owned by habitual parking violators. The League supports this bill
Municipal Bills the Senate Won't Take Up Tomorrow 

The Senate has not scheduled for a vote tomorrow the following municipal bills, which the Assembly passed earlier this session. These bills are dead for this session and will need to be reintroduced next session, which begins in January 2019.

AB 348, Creating a uniform regulatory structure for allowing small cell wireless facilities in municipal rights-of-way and restoring ability of municipalities to impose setback requirements for cell towers on single family residential lots. The League shifted to neutral on this bill after negotiating changes.  

AB 351Law enforcement body cameras - establishing rules for releasing data. The League supports this bill.

AB 594 -- Adjusting, Re-positioning or Transferring Nonconforming Billboards affected by a state transportation project . The League opposes this bill.

AB 606 -- Make-up of Police and Fire Commissions and Standards of Evidence in Police and Fire Discipline Cases. Note:  An amendment to the bill makes it less onerous with regard to appointments to the PFC, but more problematic regarding evidentiary standards in police and fire disciplinary cases before the PFC. The League opposes this bill. 
AB 637,   Allowing the use of Voting Machines for In-Person Absentee Voting.  The League supports this bill.
AB 918 , Prohibiting municipalities from licensing taxi services and establishing a statewide licensing program.  The League opposes this bill.
Status Update on Bill Allowing 15 Year old Lifeguards

We received a few calls asking about the status of AB 326, allowing 15 year olds to be hired as lifeguards. Both the Assembly and the Senate passed the bill earlier this year. The bill is available for the Governor to sign into law, but he hasn't called for it yet. If he doesn't call for it, the bill will automatically be sent to him on April 12. At that point he has 7 days to sign it. If he doesn't sign it, the bill nevertheless becomes law at the end of the seven day time period. 
End of Session Webinar on March 22

Learn more about what bills passed and which died at an end of the session wrap-up webinar this Thursday from 12 to 1:00.  Spend your lunch listening to Curt and Jerry explain why the dark store bill died and other conundrums of the legislative session.

Link to the Registration and the Webinar:  

Please sign in a few minutes early.  Once you sign in, the system will remember you.   (If you are not able to join us, the webinar will be archived at the same link.)  Our webinar provider is the  Instructional Communications Systems through UW-Extension. 

Phone dial in - you can just call in without viewing the webinar or use the dial-in in conjunction with your computer. 
Participant code - 6635688

Jerry Deschane: Closing dark store loophole aids homeowners
" In a recent op-ed (Tribune, March 11), Scott Manley from the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce argued that the dark store issue is an attempt by local governments to raise more revenue.  Municipal officials are asking the Legislature to close the dark store loophole and reverse the Walgreens court decision to avoid having more of the property tax burden shift from commercial and manufacturing property to homeowners and small businesses." Read the full op-ed...

This op-ed has also been posted on the League's LinkedIn page here where you can comment on it. 
Recently Introduced Legislation  

Note: Since the Assembly is unlikely to meet again this session and the Senate is scheduled to meet only one more day on March 20, we are no longer summarizing recently introduced bills even though legislators continue to introduce legislation this late in the session.
Public Hearings this Week  

No public hearings on municipal bills are scheduled for this week.