February 1, 2017

Bills continue to be introduced, heard, amended, tabled and killed at a rapid pace.  Roger and the Legislative Committee meet weekly to discuss what's going on, and potential impacts on our industry and clients. Below you will find  list of current bills being monitored.

Bill numbers are linked to the detailed information page for each bill. View the current bill text by clicking on the links next to the Bill Draft Number. Look for the pointing finger icon:

The bills that are most significant are in "bold" and the current status is in "red".

Do you have a relationship with your legislator? Let the legislative committee and Roger know. The most important and affective representation for your agency, your clients and yourself, is one-to-one contact on a grass-roots basis. Roger can be contacted at govrelations@iiamt.org.

House Bills

HB 46 
Generally revising funding for civil legal aid
Heard 1/24/17 (H) Appropriations

HB 73
Regulate certain air ambulance memberships as insurance
Heard 1/10/17 (H) Business and Labor and remains in Committee

HB 120
Revise insurance laws pertaining to NAIC accreditation
Passed Senate Committee and passed second reading in Senate 1/3/17

HB 123
Require certain insurance disclosures to minimize surprise bills
Heard 2/1/17 in (H) Human Services  

HB 137
Generally revise securities and insurance laws pertaining to the State Auditor
Heard 1/26/17 in (H) Business and Labor; The Insurance Department Housekeeping Bill, the department offered several amendments.  The IIAM Supported with the request to further review the amendments.

HB 138 
Revise licensing of general insurance agent laws
Passed the House; Heard in (S) Business and Labor 1/31/17; Insurance Department bill to clarify MGA language and appointments of producers by affiliation.  The IIAM Supports with the proposed amendments from the Department of insurance.  

HB 142
Revise insurance law to give mental health coverage parity with physical health
Hearing scheduled 2/8/17 in (H) Human Services    

HB 144
Generally revise motor vehicle laws
Tabled in (H) Transportation

HB 145
Adopt NAIC model legislation regarding Annuities
Heard 1/31/17 in (H) Business and Labor;  The Insurance Department offered amendments and we do not oppose as amended.

HB 165 
Revise punitive damage laws

Passed the House as amended and forwarded to the Senate.

HB 216 
Require bonding for wind development
Heard in (H) Energy, Technology, and Federal Relations 1/30/17

HB 222 
Revise laws related to insurance and storm damage repairs
Heard 1/17/17 (H) Business & Labor and remains in Committee

HB 229
Allowing worker to choose treating physician in workers' compensation cases
Heard 1/27/17 (H) Business & Labor and remains in Committee

HB 252
Revise Insurance Law to clarify provider agreement laws
Referred to (H) Business and Labor

HB 266 
Authorize interstate healthcare compact
Heard 1/25/17 in (H) Human Service

HB 267
Revise laws related to bicycles on roadways
Passed the House and Transmitted to the Senate, establishes distances vehicles must stay from bicycles

HB 291 
Prohibit certain underwriting factors for private passenger insurance.
Scheduled for hearing in (H) Business and Labor 2/16/17, IIAM will oppose this bill.

HB 342 
Revise business laws related to liability and agritourism
Referred to (H) Judiciary Committee

HB 346
Designate fiscal agent as employer for workers'' compensation insurance
Introduced in the House

Senate Bills

SB 9
Provide for primary enforcement of seatbelt laws
Tabled in Senate Judiciary Committee

SB 44 
Provide process to hold patients harmless from balance billing by air ambulance
Heard in Senate B&L 1/13/17 and remains in Committee

SB 72
Create presumptive illness for firefighters
Heard in (S) Business & Labor 1/13/17 and now re-referred to (S) Finance and Claims Committee    

SB 96
Right to shop act for health care services
Heard scheduled (S) Public Health, Welfare and Safety 1/16/17    

SB 107 
Provide liability limits for emergency care by volunteer emergency responders
Passed the Senate and transmitted to the House

SB 116 
Disallowing workers' compensation benefits for certain false statements
Heard in (S) Business & Labor 1/25/17

SB 118
Provide for uniform act regarding fiduciary access to digital assets, providing some immunity
Passed as amended from Committee to the Senate floor

SB 129 
Require insurance coverage of teledentistry
Heard 1/25/17 in (S) Public Health, Passed Committee and sent to Senate Floor

SB 134
Revise laws related to motorcycle operation
Heard in (S) Highways and Transportation 1/26/17

SB 142
Revise laws related to volunteer emergency personnel and worker's comp insurance
Heard in (S) Local Government 1/30/17

SB 167
Generally revise laws pertaining to insurance offenses
Referred to (S) Business and Economic Affairs Committee

SB 170
Provide civil liability for unmanned aerial vehicle trespass
Referred to (S) Judiciary Committee