Legislative News
February 10, 2017
Legislative Briefing
Thursday marked the House and Senate  deadline to pass general bills from their originating chambers. Sixty-five House bills and eighteen Senate bills fell off the calendar at the end of the day. Click here for the bills we are following.   We will remove any "dead" legislation for next week's briefing. This week, we wanted to show everything one last time for reference. 

The week in review:

SB 2855- Licensure Bill
SB 2855, HBAM supported legislation, passed the Senate with a vote of 51-0 and zero opposition.  As a reminder, this bill does three things. It contains subcontractor licensure requirements for HVAC, gas, plumbing mechanical and electrical work for safety purposes . It would also require licensure for solar panel installation. Lastly, it would clarify licensure standards when filing lawsuits or seeking compensation for work. HBAM feels this language would ensure safety, proper installation and would clarify current statute on residential licensure requirements.  Click here for a copy of the briefing paper. The bill is transferred to the House for consideration. We will let you know once it has been assigned to a House committee.

HB 1076- Growth and Prosperity Act
HB 1076 is legislation to bring forward a number of codes, including the building code sections. The bill still doesn't contain any specific language, but simply brings out the statutes. As mentioned before, HBAM supports development, but would not support any bill to open up the building code sections (and a number of other code sections) to diminish our state's current law. The bill passed the House this week and will now be considered in the Senate. The bill currently has a reverse repealer. A reverse repealer is a procedural move that means that the bill will either die or go to conference unless it is removed. We will continue work on this bill and may need members to help us as we move forward in the process. 

SB 2944- Tax Legislation 
SB 2944 is legislation that would clarify tax rules for remodelers and define repairs. As we mentioned before, there is currently question between the tax regulation and statute on how remodelers are taxed on services. The bill was referred to the Senate finance committee. Click here to see the Senate Finance committee members. Please look over this list. If you have a Senator on Finance, please let them know that we need support on the bill. We will send out an alert with messaging, but it isn't too early to start the conversation. 

As mentioned last week, the Department of Revenue has issued a proposed rule on construction taxes. The way it is written could narrow the scope of repairs in a way that only includes the actual structures (and would not include roofing or other storm related installation charges). There will be a hearing on the rule on March 15th. HBAM plans to testify and ask questions on the rule. We will be asking for member support. Click here for the details of the ruling. We will be sending out additional information soon. 

HB 1244 and SB 2914- Citation Law
HB 1244, the citation bill that passed House Municipalities died on the House calendar after the deadline. HBAM opposed the legislation that would have taken the citation process out of criminal court and would classify it as a civil case. T he Senate version of the citation bill (SB 2914) died in committee, so there are no vehicle bills left. Thanks to any members who took time to contact their legislators on the issue! 

HBAM will keep everyone posted on new developments if we need some help on legislation. If you do not know who represents you in the legislature, you can now go to www.hbam.com and find them by entering your  zip code. This process will make it easier for you to make contact with officials.
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