Legislative News
March 9, 2017
Legislative Briefing
This was a busy week on the Senate and House floor. Legislators were working overtime to meet the general bill deadline. The appropriation and revenue bills will have a March 14th deadline for consideration.  Click here for the bills we are following.

SB 2944- Tax Legislation- Take Action Now
SB 2944 is strongly supported by HBAM to cl arify a repair exemption in regard to residential construction taxes. The bill simply ensures the statute matches what is already in regulation and adds a definition for repairs. 

This bill was referred to the Ways and Means committee earlier in the week. The committee will meeting on Monday. SB 2944 is considered a revenue bill that needs to be passed off of the House floor by March 14th to keep the measure alive. 

This afternoon, we sent an action alert- only to the members who have a Ways and Means committee member in their district. This alert will allow those recipients to contact their individual legislators with a support email. We also encourage everyone to call your House members and ask them to support the bill if it comes out of committee. The bill has to be passed out by Tuesday at midnight. E-mail Shannon Coker at scoker@hbam.com and let us know if you talk to your legislator and it they plan to support the bill!

HB 1601- First Time Home Buyers Savings Account
HB 1601, the First Time Home Buyers Savings Account bill, was assigned to Senate finance this week. It will hopefully be on the Finance committee agenda on Monday. This is a revenue bill that falls under the Tuesday deadline for passage. HBAM, and a coalition of housing related partners, all support this legislation to help first time home buyers. The bill will bring more home buyers to the market, which is a win/win!  Click here to view the MS Realtor's fact sheet on the legislation.

Ask your Senate members to support this bill and pass it from the floor before the Tuesday deadline. 
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