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January 20, 2017
Legislative Briefing

The legislature is now into the third week of the session. Monday was deadline day for the introduction of general bills. The docket room is still assigning the bill numbers and also publishing committee assignments. HBAM will continue to add and monitor pertinent bills. Click here for the most current tracking list.

In HBAM news, staff worked with Senator Chris Massey, and other key partners, on two bills this session.  The first bill, SB 2855, addresses two items that were on the legislative agenda, including: c larification to the residential builder license language on requiring proper licensure to bring legal action and it would also a dd licensure requirements for those subcontractors that affect safety, including HVAC, gas, mechanical and electrical work for residential construction.

HBAM also continues work on a potential revenue bill  that would clarify tax rules for remodelers.  Currently, there is a conflict between the regulations and statute on how remodelers are taxed. To clarify, the association has already addressed this concern with the State Department of Revenue and will continue to work with them toward resolution. The association would only seek to move forward on the legislation if it is necessary. The bill hasn't been assigned a number yet, because the deadline to introduce revenue bills comes later in the session.

In general, the House and Senate met several committees this past week. One of the major focuses was the state budget. The appropriations committees continued discussion on the state agencies, budget shortfalls and cutbacks. We will continue to monitor activity, especially as it pertains to the State Board of Contractors. 

Earlier this week, the Governor gave his State of the State address. He discussed the year in review and his outlook for Mississippi. Click here for the full transcript.
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