Legislative News
January 27, 2017
Legislative Briefing

Next Tuesday is the deadline for all committees to report general bills from the original house. This means that all general bills that haven't been passed through committee will die after Tuesday.  The docket room continued to add new bills this past week and HBAM staff updated the tracking list. Click here for the bills we are following.

SB 2855- Licensure Bill
This week was filled with a number of committee meetings and some floor action.  HBAM attended pertinent meetings and kept watch for any bills that affect residential construction.  SB 2855, which is HBAM supported legislation, passed Senate Banking and Financial Institutions this week. Senator Chris Massey, author of the bill, handled the legislation in committee. There was no opposition. The bill basically adds subcontractor licensure requirements for HVAC, gas, plumbing and electrical work. It would also require licensure for solar panel installers. This bill would also clarify licensure standards when filing lawsuits. Click here for a copy of the briefing paper. The bill now goes to the full Senate for consideration.

HB 1076- Growth and Prosperity Act
Rep. Greg Snowden filed HB 1076, which is placeholder legislation that opens up all of the building code sections (and many other sections of the laws pertaining to construction). The intent is vague and HBAM staff is closely monitoring the bill. HBAM would not support any bill to open up the building code sections to diminish our state's current law. We will continue to monitor the bill and will ask the legislature to remove anything that would weaken our current statutes pertaining to construction.

Tax Legislation 
HB 131, authored by Rep. Jeff Smith has passed the House and will now go the Senate for consideration. The bill was introduced last year, and would make it easier to negotiate tax and settle tax disputes. HBAM will continue to monitor the bill.

In other tax news, Senator Chris Massey authored a revenue bill that would simply clarify tax rules for remodelers.  As mentioned last week, there is currently a conflict between the regulations and statute on how remodelers are taxed. HBAM currently is working with Senator Massey on the bill and will make sure it is sent out to the members once the bill number is assigned.

SB 1244- Citation Law
Representative Cory Wilson authored a citation bill that passed House Municipalities this week. The legislation would take the citation process out of criminal court and would classify it as a civil case. Senator Wilson filed the same type of  bill last year that would have allowed any uniformed city/county employee to issue citations on building code violations. Rep. Wilson did work to clarify the jurisdiction and manner of the citations but HBAM supports current processes for citations through the legal system. We would continue to oppose this bill. Please talk to your legislators in the House and ask them to oppose this legislation.

HBAM will continue to keep everyone updated on any new developments. The new alert system is now up on the website and will allow us to send out email alerts when it is necessary. It will also let you find your legislators so you can contact them directly. Stay tuned for more information!
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