The 2018 Legislative Session is Over! 

The legislature ended the 2018 session Sine Die on Saturday, March 3, 2018. This is eight days ahead of the Constitutional Sine Die date of March 11. This was a short, but efficient session!

Below is a basic summary of our priority budget issues and policy bills. Next week, we will share our end of session memo so you can see what happened with each of the bills we tracked.

Department of Human Services, Office of Developmental Disabilities Budget:

The good news is that the DD Program will not see cuts or changes to eligibility this year thanks to the hard work of many legislators, DHS leadership, and stakeholders! Please take a moment to thank your legislator if you have not already.

We have discussed that a 2017 budget note directed the DD program to take a generic $12 million general fund reduction or change eligibility. Lilia Teninty, the ODDS Director, reported to the Joint Ways and Means Human Services Subcommittee on Feb. 26 that they found a way to take the $12 million reduction without impacting people's services. ODDS found the $12 million reduction as follows:
  • $1.3 million in contract reductions. This request does not impact the Fairview Trust or total funding available in the Trust.
  • $5.96 million in cost per case savings.
  • Approximately $6 million in enhanced federal match for eXPRS system work, pending approval from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). eXPRS is the billing system that ODDS uses to process payments.
You can view the Presentation here and watch the Video here.

The bad news is that Oregon will face another budget crisis during the 2019 session. Legislators have been clear that they will again consider cuts to I/DD eligibility criteria including lowering the IQ limit from 75 to 70, requiring three instead of two functional limitations for developmental disability eligibility and considering parental income for children's service eligibility.

The State is already taking steps to revise their Medicaid Waivers and State Plan (K Plan) to pave the way for these changes, and has opened the required public comment period.   Please take a moment to become familiar with the proposed actions in the  Public Notice  here and and comment by March 21, 2018.

What else can you do? 

Please plan to connect with your legislators at various times throughout the year to discuss why it is important that children, families and adults have continued access to the type and amount of services they need, when they need them, no more and no less.    

The GO! Project will be sending talking points in the next few weeks for you to discuss with your legislators this spring and summer as they prepare for the 2019 session.
Notable Policy Bills that Passed This Session

Each of these policy bills have passed both the House and Senate and are headed to the Governor's desk for signature: 


HB 4007C  increases the document recording fee from $20 to $60 for affordable housing, which is predicted to raise $90 million per biennium. Of those resources, 10% will go to the Emergency Housing Account, 14% will go to the Home Ownership Assistance Program, and 76% will go to the General Housing Account Program to build or preserve multifamily rental housing. One out of every four dollars will serve veterans. In addition, HB 4007C creates the First Time Home Buyer Savings Account, which offers first time home buyers with moderate incomes a subtraction on their income taxes when saving for a down payment. 

Parental Rights:

SB 1526A will make sure that parents who experience intellectual or developmental disabilities are equal in the eyes of the law by prohibiting the termination of a person's parental rights for the sole reason that the person has a disability. 

Special Education:

HB 4067A allows children with developmental delays to access special education through third grade starting in 2019. 

SB 1522A Requires school districts to allow students who have received a modified diploma to receive additional educational and transition services. 

Personal Support Workers:

SB 1534A requires the Department of Human Services to adopt minimum training standards for personal support workers and home care workers. 

NOTICE: Advocacy Day Cancelled

The Advocacy Day scheduled for Tuesday, March 6th from 12-2PM at the Capitol has been cancelled due to the early conclusion of the legislative session. 

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