June 2017  
AIA Louisiana Legislative Report 2017
POLITICS AS USUAL .... Challenging Times for Advocacy
Here's the short version of what happened in the past two weeks. The session adjourned sine die on June 8th without final passage of a budget. A special session designed to pass a budget began 30 minutes later. The bottom line: for the first time in roughly 18 months we were successful in fighting off several attempts to massively increase taxes, and the political climate is near one of the worst levels of combativeness it's been in years.    Continue reading>>


Governor John Bel Edwards issued an Executive Order concerning delay of adoption of the 2015 I-Codes and 2014 NEC. 

Governor John Bel Edwards

The current adopted 2012 I-codes, with Louisiana amendments, and the 2011 NEC will remain in effect until the 2015 I-codes and 2014 NEC are adopted sometime after the June 2018 date referenced in the executive order.
The 6 Things Architects Should Know  About 
the New AIA Documents
June 9, 2017
Every 10 years, the American Institute of Architects updates its flagship documents, the core AIA Contract Documents; and right on schedule, it introduced the latest versions at its annual Conference on Architecture in April. These latest updates bring the previous 14 Standard Agreements - drafted for various parties including architects, contractors, subcontractors, consultants and clients - up to date with current issues in the industry and recent court decisions. "The changes impact the roles and responsibilities of each of the parties directly," says Ken Cobleigh, managing director and counsel of AIA Contract Documents, underlining the importance of each change.   Continue reading>>

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