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November 19
, 2019

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Office Location
1625 W. 26th St.; Erie, PA

Postal Address 
P.O. Box 1126
 Erie, PA 16512

HB 321 Down Syndrome Bill 
HB 321 was sent to the full Pennsylvania State Senate yesterday and could come up for a vote at any time. Please urge your state senator to support this bill if you have not already done so.
HB 1058 Compassion and Care for Medically Challenging Pregnancies Act
This bill was also voted out of committee in the Pennsylvania State Senate yesterday. It would require that information on the option of perinatal support care programs be given to a woman if her baby is diagnosed with a life limiting condition.
The primary sponsor of HB 1058 is northwestern Pennsylvania's own pro-life Representative Kathy Rapp. Again, please urge your state senator to support this legislation.
HB 1890 Final Disposition of Fetal Remains Act 
The Pennsylvania state House of Representatives could vote on this legislation at any time. Please urge your state representative to support this bill. It would ensure that parents are extended the opportunity to arrange for the proper cremation or internment of the unborn child in all cases of pregnancy loss or termination. It also requires the medical or abortion facility to provide dignified disposition of the remains if the parents decline.
IMPORTANT  Our goal and the goal of every serious pro-life organization is, and always has been, to establish legal protection from abortion in each and every case. Although bills like the ones above will not accomplish our final objective, they bring us closer to it. We must enact every protection that is currently possible and make every effort to enact laws that, however incompletely, reinforce the principle that every human being, from conception onward is, first of all, fully human and fully alive, and endowed with human dignity and the unalienable right to life. 

Pro-Life Breakfast   
Let's make this the most successful Pro-Life Breakfast ever!

Please read up on Ryan Bomberger and invite others to attend the Breakfast with you.

Use THIS POSTER on bulletin boards everywhere, anywhere a pro-life or open-minded person might happen see it.

Thank you, pro-life friend!