Legislative Update - February 22, 2019

League Bills

The League’s bill to increase the amount a member of a Board of Trustees of a General Improvement District, SB 10, was heard in Senate Government Affairs on Wednesday, February 13 th . There was general support for the bill and the committee seems to understand the need to better define “compensation”. One resident of IVGID, testified in opposition. We will work with the committee and staff to perfect the language of the bill. No further action has been taken on this bill.

The League’s bill to allow cities, towns and GIDs to install and maintain ADA compliant ramps is scheduled to be heard on February 28 th in Assembly Government Affairs.

Other bills of Interest

This City of Reno bill would authorize an incorporated city to create a district for a city fire department. Counties already have this authority. The League testified in support of this bill and reiterated that when cities and counties are charged with similar responsibilities (in this case public safety) cities should have the same authorities. This will be a consistent message to the legislators this session.

This bill was sponsored by the Purchasing Division of the Department of Administration would make various positive changes to the statute governing purchasing by local governments. The bill is a result of a series of collaborative meetings over the interim by state and local government purchasing officials. The League testified in support of the bill.

This bill would ensure that the payment of costs of personnel and training associated with maintaining, updating and operating the equipment, hardware and software for body and vehicle cameras are an authorized use of revenue derived from the surcharge levied on telephones to enhance the telephone system for reporting and emergency. The bill further authorized the use of revenue to pay the costs for personnel and training associated with the maintenance, retention and redaction of audio and video recordings. It was thought that these were authorized uses of this revenue based on comments made during the 2017 legislative session by then Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford during the processing of the bill that authorized revenue from this fund to be used to purchase body and vehicle cameras and associated software. The League testified in support of this measure.

The Legislative Committee on Public Lands introduced SB96. This measure would create the Nevada Public Lands Grant Program within the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The bill would allocate $500,000 to the program. The funds would be available to local governments, conservation districts and other entities including non-profits to use as matching funds required as a condition of any federal grant that will be used to finance a program related to public lands. The League expressed support for this bill.

The City of Reno made a presentation to the Assembly Government Affairs Committee on Tuesday, February 19 th . City Manager Sabra Smith-Newby and Dylan Shaver, Director of Policy and Strategy made the presentation.

The City of Sparks made a presentation to the Assembly Government Affairs Committee on February 22 nd . Mayor Pro-tem Ed Lawson, City Manager Steve Driscoll, Assistant City Manager Neil Krutz and Legislative Liaison Kathy Clewett informed the committee about the City of Sparks.

The League will make a presentation to the Assembly Government Affairs Committee on February 28 th .

Local Government Day at the Legislature
Mark your calendars for “Local Government Day at the Legislature”. This event is scheduled for March 28 th . We will schedule meetings with legislative leadership. Please plan on joining us and helps express municipal concerns to our legislators. We will be co-hosting a legislative reception with our friends at NACO in the evening.
520 S. Curry Street
Carson City, NV 89703