Nevada MCH Coalition - Legislative Update
March 2015

Nevada Bill on Smoking Tobacco with children present inside vehicle -  
Hearing March 26
A hearing has been scheduled for legislative bill AB 322, which prohibits the smoking of tobacco inside any motor vehicle in which a child under the age of 18 years is present. The date is

Thursday, March 26, at 8am

in the Assembly's Committee on Judiciary. 


Assembly Bill 322 (BDR 15-128)

Nevada Children's Policy Updates

Keep  up with the latest policy issues, bills, and legislation by downloading the Children's Advocacy Alliance's Bills and Bill Draft Request List.

Human Trafficking Legislation - Hearing March 27

This bill tackles four main components:

1. Allows victims to go through an immediate preliminary assessment upon initial encounter with law enforcement or a public prosecutor to determine whether or not they indeed are a victim of human trafficking. If they are, they will then be offered and referred to available services to assist them. The appropriate government agencies will be notified as well according to the age of the victim.

2. Requires the Dept. of Health and Human Services to develop a statewide plan for the allocation of services to victims.

3. Requires the Dept. of Education and the State Board of Education to develop and distribute informative educational material regarding the trafficking of children.

4. Requires certain businesses and establishments to post a notice regarding the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline. In addition to requiring, the Dept. of Transportation and the Dept. of Business and Industry to develop a model notice regarding the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline and have it available on internet websites. Penalties will also be imposed.
Nevada Bill on Breastfeeding Law - Hearing April 3

A hearing has been scheduled for legislative bill AB 306, which creates provisions related to exempt lactating employees and expanding their break times. The date is Friday, April 3, at 1:30pm in the Assembly's Committee on Health and Human Services, 401 S Carson St. Room 3138 Carson City NV.

The bill will ensure compliance with the law at 25 employees per business, rather than 50.


Assembly Bill 306 (BDR 40-249)