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February 12, 2013



It is extremely important to pass parental rights legislation in Virginia in light of a recent statement from the U.S. Attorney General in the Romeike v. Holder political asylum case. According to HSLDA, when referencing the German homeschool family's plight, the attorney for the U.S. stated that "there is no fundamental liberty to homeschool."  


SB 908 would change this in Virginia by protecting a parent's right to make educational decisions for his child.


Based on recent developments that may increase the likelihood of SB 908 passing out of committee, we urge you to call and ask your delegate on the House Courts of Justice Committee to amend SB 908 to match the language of Delegate Pogge's HB 1642, but--very importantly--with the inclusion of "education" as one of the decisions parents have a fundamental right to make.


Amended SB 908:
"A parent has a fundamental right to make decisions concerning the care, custody, education, and control of the parent's child."


Original SB 908:

"A parent has a fundamental right to direct the upbringing, education, and care of the parent's child."   


Because Delegate Pogge's House version of the bill (HB 1642) passed earlier in the same committee, we believe SB 908 is more likely to pass if it includes the same House language with the inclusion of the word "education." 



We now expect SB 908 to be heard in committee Friday afternoon. Ask your friends and homeschool support group members to call no later than Friday at noon! It is not necessary to identify yourself as a homeschool parent--this is an issue that concerns every parent.


With regards,

Yvonne Bunn, Homeschool Support
Yvonne Bunn
Director of Homeschool Support



If your delegate is a House Courts of Justice Committee member (listed below), call and ask your delegate to "please amend SB 908 to match Delegate Pogge's HB 1642 with the addition of the word 'education'."


If you're not sure who your delegate is, check here.


House Courts of Justice Committee Members:


Delegate David B. Albo 
(804) 698-1042


Delegate Terry G. Kilgore 
(804) 698-1001


Delegate Robert B. Bell  
(804) 698-1058


Delegate Benjamin L. Cline  
(804) 698-1024


Delegate Salvatore R. Iaquinto  
(804) 698-1084


Delegate C. Todd Gilbert  
(804) 698-1015


Delegate Jackson H. Miller 
(804) 698-1050


Delegate G. Manoli Loupassi 
(804) 698-1068


Delegate Ronald A. Villanueva 
(804) 698-1021


Delegate Gregory D. Habeeb 
(804) 698-1008


Delegate Peter F. Farrell  
(804) 698-1056


Delegate J. Randall Minchew  
(804) 698-1010


Delegate Rick L. Morris  
(804) 698-1064


Delegate Joseph P. Johnson, Jr.  
(804) 698-1004


Delegate Vivian E. Watts 
(804) 698-1039


Delegate David J. Toscano 
(804) 698-1057


Delegate Charniele L. Herring 
(804) 698-1046


Delegate Jennifer L. McClellan 
(804) 698-1071
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