Congress funds government through January 19, adjourns for holidays
Before departing for the holidays, Congress was able to avoid a government shutdown by approving a funding bill (H.R. 1370) to keep the government open through January 19, 2018. Click here to read more.

Congress passes tax cut, measure heads to president’s desk
Following House and Senate passage, Congress has now approved the final version of the sweeping Republican overhaul to the U.S. tax code (H.R. 1), formerly referred to as the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.” Click here to read more.

Alabama special election further narrows Senate majority
Alabama elected Doug Jones (D-AL) to fill the remaining two-year Senate term of former Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) who now serves as U.S. Attorney General. Click here to read more.

House passes EQUALS Act
Among other things, the bill aims to change the probationary period for federal employees who currently serve a one-year probationary period to two years, and to undercut due-process rights and whistleblower protections. Click here to read more.

Senate committee releases full FSGG bill with 6-day language
Committee’s decision upholds the long-standing tradition of recognizing the importance of continuing six-day mail delivery. Click here to read more.

Congress releases 2018 calendar
Congress released its full 2018 calendar, showing the combined House-Senate schedule for 2018. Click here to read more.
Resolutions update
H.Res. 15 (six-day mail delivery):
—244 co-sponsors

H.Res. 28 (door delivery):
—241 co-sponsors

H.Res. 31 (service standards):
—206 co-sponsors
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