HB 1011 Passed the House Workforce Development & Tourism Subcommittee
OPPOSE HB 1011: Short-Term Rentals

Yesterday, the House Workforce Development & Tourism Subcommittee passed HB 1011 ( Fischer ), relating to short-term rentals (STRs), by a vote of 10-5. Click here for the committee vote. While the bill passed this subcommittee, several representatives expressed concern with the bill as written and said they would not support the bill in future committees unless significant changes

Among other things, HB 1011 will preempt the regulation of short-term rentals to the state and undo local ordinances adopted since 2014.
FLC Short-Term Rentals Reform Ideas
Below are some examples the FLC has proposed to amend legislation to successfully balance state and local control:

  • Exempt homesteaded and owner-occupied properties by focusing on investor-owned and LLC-run properties that typically bring the majority of public safety incidents. 
  • Allow cities the ability to ensure investor-owned STRs are located in appropriate areas and playing by the same rules as Bed-and-Breakfasts.
  • Include a transparent and flexible structure for fines to ensure they have the desired effect of punishing repeat offenders that continue to be a nuisance to neighborhoods. 
  • Create a partnership with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) which would allow the DBPR to contract with cities to provide enforcement and help preserve the character of our communities.

Additionally, a recent poll showed that 75 percent of Floridians believe short-term rentals should be regulated at the local level. However, both the House and Senate have passed bills which go directly against what a supermajority of residents believe. Legislators are not listening to what Floridians want: the ability to have local voices make local choices about short-term rentals to directly address problems in their communities. Legislators must recognize that what works for Key West or Miami may not work for Gainesville or Pensacola.

Allowing cities to have a voice in this process will help ensure any legislation regulating short-term rentals balances the rights of ALL property owners and not just those of the investor-owned ‘mini-hotels’ that are negatively impacting Florida neighborhoods.
Committee Vote

Rene Plasencia (R-50), Chair
321.383.5151 (District)
850.717.5050 (Tallahassee)
Jayer Williamson (R-3), Vice Chair
850.995.3698 (District)
850.717.5003 (Tallahassee)

Chip LaMarca (R-93)
954.784.4531 (District)
850.717.5093 (Tallahassee)

Spencer Roach (R-79)
239.656.7790 (District)
850.717.5079 (Tallahassee)
Ana Maria Rodriguez (R-105)
786.336.1127 (District)
850.717.5105 (Tallahassee)
Anthony Rodriguez (R-118)
305.252.4352 (District)
850.717.5118 (Tallahassee)
Rick Roth (R-85)
561.625.5176 (District)
850.717.5085 (Tallahassee)
Anthony Sabatini (R-32)
352.989.9100 (District)
850.717.5032 (Tallahassee)
Jason Shoaf (R-7)
850.295.0035 (District)
850.717.5007 (Tallahassee)
Tyler I. Sirois
321.449.5111 (District)

Kamia L. Brown (D-45), Minority Ranking Member
850.717.5045 (Tallahassee)
Loranne Ausley (D-9)
850.717.5009 (District/Tallahassee)
Dan Daley (D-97)
954.845.6005 (District)
850.717.5097 (Tallahassee)
Tracie Davis (D-13)
904.353.2180 (District)
850.717.5013 (Tallahassee)

Cindy Polo (D-103)
305.521.8741 (District)
850.717.5103 (Tallahassee)

Click here to read our media statement on HB 1011.
Please thank the representatives who voted NO on HB 1011!
Special thanks to all the municipal officials who testified in opposition to HB 1011. Thank you to also to those who contacted members of the committee Your testimony and correspondence to your legislators was impactful in this first committee is making a difference.
Watch the Subcommittee Hearing on the Florida Channel
Click here to watch the committee hearing. Discussion of HB 1011 begins at 4:20. The subcommittee spent over an hour hearing testimony on the bill.
Thank You for Your Advocacy Efforts!
HB 1011 will next go to the House Government Operations & Technology Appropriations Subcommittee . We will keep you posted as this issue progresses.