Local Ordinances - SB 280
SB 280 (Hutson) is a substantial unfunded mandate that the League opposes. The bill would amend the legal standards and process for assessing the validity of municipal ordinances and imposes new substantiative requirements on municipalities for adopting and enforcing ordinances. 
Current Status
For the last two months, League staff has received important feedback from cities and worked diligently with the bill sponsor and other stakeholders to express a multitude of concerns with the bill. An amendment has been filed which addresses some of our concerns, however, we are still seeking significant changes to this legislation.

The bill will be heard in the Senate Community Affairs Committee on Wednesday morning, January 12. This is the first committee stop of three committee references. We will continue working the bill sponsor and stakeholders to work to address our remaining concerns. 
Next Steps
No action is requested at this time. We anticipate sending a future legislative alert that will include specific, critical actions for you to take. 
Additional Information