March 8, 2022
Ohio Chamber Supports House Bill 45
The Ohio Chamber provided a letter of support for House Bill 45 during its second hearing in the Senate Ways & Means Committee. House Bill 45 will set a two-month amnesty period for taxpayers to disclose underpaid taxes or unfiled tax returns. The two-month period is set to begin July 1, 2022, which is the start of the Ohio’s fiscal year, and it would be the first general amnesty period since 2018.

The Ohio Chamber letter of support pointed out that the idea is warranted given the disruption caused by the health pandemic. Businesses may have new or different tax obligations resulting from new supply routes, new methods of selling or from employees working from remote locations.
Ohio Redistricting Update
The Ohio Redistricting Commission has enacted new district maps for both the Ohio Legislature and U.S. House of Representatives, which can be found here.

All maps were approved along party lines and will only be valid for 4 years, after which the Ohio Redistricting Commission will need to reconvene to submit new maps. Currently the Ohio Legislative maps are under review by the Ohio Supreme Court and the Congressional maps are subject to further judicial review.   
House Bill 123 Hearing
House Bill 123 would modify the existing laws for community reinvestment areas, known as CRAs. Last week HB 123 received its fourth hearing in the Senate Ways & Means Committee. During the hearing HB 123 was modified with a few amendments to change verbiage on payroll threshold levels, eligibility, and notification requirements. The Ohio Chamber continues to support the bill.
Short-Term Rental Legislation - House Bill 563
The Ohio Chamber testified in support of House Bill 563 during the second hearing of the bill in the House State & Local Government Committee. House Bill 563 would prohibit local governments from banning a property owner’s right to offer short-term rental opportunities to guests. The legislation does still allow local governments to regulate against public nuisances and unlawful activities.
Distracted Driving Bill - House Bill 283
The distracted driving bill, House Bill 283, received another hearing in the House Criminal Justice Committee last week. This legislation would make it a primary offense to use, hold or physically support an electronic device while driving a vehicle.

The bill provides exemptions for voice-operated usage, emergency situations and single swipes to end calls. A few amendments were added during the hearing. The Ohio Chamber continues to support the bill. 
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