Gold Dome Update 
Highlights from the House 

Monday, January 9, marked the first day of the 157th meeting of the Georgia General Assembly and the beginning of a brand-new legislative term. The first order of business was for all elected members to be sworn into office. Soon after our swearing in, we began preparation for the legislative days ahead. Issues such as healthcare, education, public safety initiatives and much more will be up for debate.


In addition, our Senate and House body successfully set our session schedule for our time under the Gold Dome. Over the remaining days, our House body will be introducing and discussing new bills that may become law in hopes of bettering our great state.


The second inauguration of Georgia’s 83rd governor, Brian Kemp, was marked by thousands of citizens flocking to Atlanta to witness the historic ceremony. Kemp’s inaugural address stated his intentions of continued growth for Georgia, not government. Governor Kemp further highlighted that the resolve, character, and ingenuity of hard-working Georgians is what will continue to make our great state successful in years to come.

Click here to watch Governor Kemp's Inaugural address.

Other statewide officers taking the oath of office include:

 Lt. Governor, Burt Jones

Attorney General, Chris Carr

Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger

Agriculture Commissioner, Tyler Harper

Labor Commissioner, Bruce Thompson

Insurance Commissioner, John King

State School Superintendent, Richard Woods


To learn more about each office, please click here .

We look forward to their leadership over the next four years!

House Leadership

Our first order of business on the House floor was to ensure we successfully elected our new Speaker of the House, Jon Burns (R-Newington). Speaker Burns takes the lead of our body, serving as the 75th House Speaker of Georgia. First elected in 2004, eventually serving as Majority Leader, we have no doubt that Speaker Burns is well prepared to lead us through a successful legislative session. Speaker Burns highlighted his intentions to work hard with state leadership to ensure we champion policies that will keep Georgia a great place to live, work and raise a family.

Budget Week Hearings

The only thing the General Assembly is required to do by law is pass a balanced budget. Budget hearings begin Tuesday, January 17. In the coming days, we will anxiously await as the Appropriations Committee deliberates and makes suggestions as to where state funds should be allocated. 


The budget is a living document that will change many times before final passage in the last days of session. As always, our local delegation will work hard to ensure that our region receives necessary funding and assistance from the state level for future capital investments. 

Want to learn more about the Budget Process?

Check out the helpful links below.

House Appropriations Committee

Budget Process

Student Opportunity

We would like to invite any students from our district wishing to serve as a page to reach out to our officeThis is a great opportunity where students ages 12-18 have the chance to experience our government at work!

Click here for more information on the House Page Program.

2023 Issue Survey

We need your help! Please take time to participate in our online survey regarding issues of importance which will impact all Georgia citizens. To ensure that your voice is heard, and we are fully representing your views, please take time to answer these important questions dealing with issues that will be hotly debated topics this session. The survey has less than 10 questions and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Click Here for Survey

Please be on the lookout for weekly newsletters as we make our way through the remainder of our 2023 Legislative Session. As always, thank you for the honor of allowing us to serve you under the Gold Dome as we continue our efforts towards ensuring simple, smart and effective government within the great state of Georgia. 


Shaw Blackmon

Representative of Georgia's 146th House District

Keep Up with Capitol Hill

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