Great news: SB242 has passed out of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee with a 4-1 vote in our favor! Read the full text of SB242 here.

The bill now moves to our Nevada Senate floor for a vote (date TBD). Unfortunately, over the course of the last month, the bill has undergone significant changes and we are working hard to ensure that it contains a path for decriminalization.

When we started this journey in January we faced an uncertain path. Thanks to your contributions, however, we have been able to make notable progress. SB-242 began this session with the confirmed support of only three legislators who were brave enough to co-sponsor Senator Nguyen’s bill.  We now have officially double the number of co-sponsors, with many more waiting for the opportunity to also sign on and support our bill.

For those who have already donated, we are SO grateful! Your generous contributions have facilitated hundreds of hours combined between the NCPM team and our skilled lobbyist to garner support for this bill. We have been meeting with many legislators personally to educate and to bring awareness around the issue of psychedelic medicine. This hard work is now paying off and the number of senators in support is growing. This would not have been possible without your financial support! Among our key highlights for this newsletter, we want to let you know that Senators Hansen, Stone, Harris, and Ohrenschall have decided also to co-sponsor our bill, ensuring it will have bi-partisan support. 

As we pass the first deadline, we still have a lot of work ahead. This is a critical moment if we are to succeed in providing a pathway for decriminalization in the face of certain opposition. 

We need your help to fund our lobbying efforts for the remainder of the legislative session! 

We are now working on gaining the support of more senators to ensure it passes on the Senate floor. Once it does, it will still need to pass the Assembly and find support majority support among the 42 legislators before it heads to the Governor for signature. We are optimistic that our combined efforts and shared vision will make all the difference, but we need your CONTINUED HELP NOW MORE THAN EVER to keep the momentum through the end of session to make this bill a reality.


Thank you for taking a stand for healing. Our community and network are growing exponentially! Those of us who have experienced the therapeutic value, and in many cases, the life-saving benefits of psychedelic medicines, understand that this is a critical time for us to unite in raising awareness and affecting political change. We are deeply grateful for your willingness, dedication, and participation in this growing movement, and to be connected with each and every one of you!

In gratitude,

The NCPM Team



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