Legislative updates on Food Sales Tax, HB 2595, & SB 314.
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Sales Tax on Food in Kansas 

Currently, there have been two bills filed to address sales tax on food in Kansas:

  •  House Bill 2444, by Rep. Mark Hutton.  This bill would drop the sales tax on groceries to 2.6 percent while ending the income tax exemption on some 330,000 businesses.
  •  A constitutional amendment, SCR 1612, by Senator Tom Holland.  The amendment would reduce the state tax to 4 percent beginning in July 2017, then to 2 percent in 2018 and to zero by July 2019.

More information on each bill can be found by viewing KC Healthy Kids recent press release regarding SCR 1612.

What can you do?  KC Healthy Kids invites Kansans to come to the Capitol next Wednesday, March 2nd,  and advocate for the elimination of sales tax on food!   KC Healthy Kids is happy to help provide you with talking points, as well as make appointments for you with your elected officials.  Contact Ashley Jones at ajwisner@kchealthykids.org for questions about the day.  

HB 2595 Update

 HB 2595  will likely be heard by the entire House of Representatives sometime next week.  

This bill could potentially nullify some existing local food system and access efforts.  Advocates have expressed concerns the bill could preempt the ability of their local city and county governments and other public entities to implement current initiatives such as:

  • Community gardens on public land,
  • Land banks that impact food access,
  • Farmers markets on public properties with any food sales restrictions,
  • Publically-funded SNAP double-up programs,
  • Nutrition guidelines for Parks and Recreation or other public space, and
  • School concessions nutrition guidelines

A copy of the bill and it's current amendments can be found following the link below. 


The original bill preempts local efforts to address food based disparities and to make the healthy choice the easy choice in settings such as restaurants, retail food establishments and vending machines.  There is concern the bill in its current state could also negatively affect momentum around local food systems development.    

SB 314 Update

SB 314 has been passed by both the Senate Agriculture Committee and the full Senate.   It has now been referred to the House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources.     

The bill and current amendments can be found at the link below.  http://www.kslegislature.org/li/b2015_16/measures/sb314/  

SB 314  calls for the extension of the Local Food and Farm Task Force.  The extension will allow the task force to continue evaluating policy and funding recommendations for expanding and supporting local food systems and for assessing and overcoming obstacles in order to increase locally grown food production.  

3/2 - Legislative day at the capital with KC Healthy Kids to advocate for the elimination of sales tax on food

3-11 - Olathe, KS 16

Feeding Kansas: Statewide Farm & Food Assessment with a Plan for Public Action

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