Dear Coalition,

While the official session may not commence until next year, the groundwork is actively underway. Through legislative symposiums, fundraising efforts, and numerous meetings, NCPM is diligently establishing a foundation for our initiatives in the 2025 legislative session. Amidst this flurry of activity, many are eager to contribute, and we're reaching out to ask for your support.

We encourage veterans and their spouses to participate in the upcoming Veterans Legislative Symposium. Held every other year in Reno and Las Vegas, these events provide a platform for veterans and their families to influence the top 10 issues to be addressed during the session. Past engagements have significantly raised awareness about mental health, even catalyzing a $40 million project to construct the Northern Nevada State Veterans Home. Your support is crucial in advocating for legalized access to psychedelic medicines and highlighting their potential benefits for veterans and their families.

Another area where we seek your assistance is in the upcoming November elections. As candidates seek your support, take the opportunity to inquire about their stance on psychedelic medicines. Their responses should inform your opinion of them as potential decision-makers in our state. NCPM, as a 501(c)4 organization, cannot endorse candidates, but we can share with you about their positions on psychedelic medicines so you can make informed decisions at the polls.

Thank you for considering these important matters and for your ongoing support of NCPM's mission. Together, we can make meaningful progress towards greater access to psychedelic medicines and improved mental health in Nevada.

Last, but not least, we are announcing two fundraisers! NCPM will be holding an event at the Las Vegas Country Club on April 11th, and Sierra Psychedelic Society will be hosting a fundraiser on April 19th in Reno. Additionally, we're excited to announce an upcoming breathwork session with Randy Gates in Reno! We look forward to seeing you there! Scroll down for me info.

As always, thank you for your support and dedication to bring healing to our communities and state!

- The NCPM Team


Every human, firefighter, first responder, and veteran deserve the opportunity to thrive in this lifetime. Overwhelm, stress, distraction, depression, and anxiety prevent many of us from fully experiencing thriving. Breath of Fire can help bring you closer to this balanced state.

Transformational Breathwork is not just another technique or protocol, it is a full somatic experience where you will have the opportunity to set down your armor, fully surrender, get into an altered state of consciousness that shifts perspective, and allows you to connect with your body. This style of breathwork has the potential to offer deep healing, growth, creativity, connection, surrender, support, and love.

Come experience transformational breathwork stacked with an electronic music vibrational journey! Learn more about the event here.

Randy Gates is a breathwork facilitator and wellness educator. He is a professional firefighter with Truckee Meadows Fire & Rescue in Washoe County. In addition, he is a member of their peer support team and health and wellness committee. He has a master’s degree in education. Learn more about Randy here.


Mark your calendars for the Sierra Psychedelic Society April 19th Spring Fundraiser! NCPM will be honoring Nevada State Senator Rochelle Nguyen and Nevada State Assemblyman Max Carter with the inaugural "Healing Loudly" award. SPS will also be presenting Doug Erwin with the Community Advocate Award for his dedication to raising awareness and support--he has fostered thoughtful conversation on this issue through his podcast "Growth Pioneers," in addition to supporting our community in a myriad of ways.

For our keynote speaker, we are thrilled to welcome Anne Weisman, Ph.D. Anne is the Director of Well-Being and Integrative Medicine at UNLV, and will be discussing the important intersection between integrative medicine and psychedelic therapies with a talk titled, "There Are Many Paths to Healing." Join us in celebrating these remarkable individuals and the 2 year anniversary of Sierra Psychedelic Society!

This will be a great night with food, beverages, raffles, and more! We invite you to sponsor the event! Sponsorship will include 5 tickets, and your name and logo in the program and on promotional materials. Thank you so much for the support. Sierra Psychedelic Society is a 501(c) nonprofit, and all donations are tax deductible.

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