In this Edition of our E-News
  1. Celebrate a big victory for those threatened by factory farm pollution.
  2. Call U.S. Senator Donnelly to both thank him and urge him to vote "No" on major anti-environmental measures.
  3. Help HEC's clean water program by donating shoes.
  4. Join our expanding team - job opening in development.
  5. Get more engaged in environmental advocacy!
1.) Victory for those Threatened by Factory Farm Pollution
manure runoff
Your calls, emails, letters, and meetings with lawmakers worked to defeat a dangerous factory farm bill! 

HB 1494 would have undermined IDEM's already weak oversight of factory farms.  HB 1494 would have a.) further reduced the ability of impacted communities to have a say in whether a factory farm should be able to expand and produce even more pollution and b.) thwarted IDEM's ability to ensure that bad actors are not allowed to operate factory farms in our state. 

A lthough the measure passed the House by a vote of 66 to 25 , it was defeated in the Senate because of your advocacy!  We should note that State Representatives who spoke about this bill on the House floor said that they had received an overwhelming number of calls, letters, & email from people concerned about rolling back protections from factory farms.
In the Senate, the bill was unexpectedly assigned to the Senate Rules Committee where it never received a hearing and died. Taking action to voice your concerns no doubt influenced Senate President Pro Tempore David Long's publicly stated view of the bill as a piece of "bad legislation" and recognition by author of the bill, Rep. David Wolkins - that "more could be done to regulate CAFO pollution." We agree. That's why, with your continued help, HEC will push for legislation to, among other things, give IDEM real authority to deny or rescind a CAFO permit when public health or the environment is threatened -- authority IDEM currently does not have.
Thank you for helping us achieve this important legislative victory!   


Help our ongoing efforts to protect Hoosiers from factory farm pollution and other toxic threats by supporting our work
2.) Call U.S. Senator Donnelly to Push Back Against Anti-Environmental Measures
With the 2017 Indiana General Assembly behind us, HEC will be stepping up our efforts to inform supporters like you of opportunities to stand up for U.S. leadership on the environment.   

In Good News: U.S. Senator Donnelly made the right the decision to oppose a bill that would have crippled a federal policy aimed at controlling methane emissions (i.e., the BLM Methane Waste Prevention Rule) -- an important part of U.S. climate strategy.   Thankfully, that bill was defeated, in a major victory for environmental & public health advocates.

In Challenging News: There are an array of assaults that are continuing against federal environmental & climate protections efforts. Together, we can work to head off the latest threat: the Trump EPA budget.  The proposed budget would eliminate the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, and slash funding intended to clean up contaminated sites and intended to safeguard our drinking water systems.
There are also efforts to pass the anti-science " Regulatory Accountability Act" and to weaken the Endangered Species Act .


Please call Senator Joe Donnelly at  202-224-4814 to:
1. Thank him for his decision to vote "No" to the repeal of the BLM Methane Rule.
2. Urge Senator Donnelly to say "No" to:
     a. The Trump EPA budget 
     b. The proposed  "Regulatory Accountability Act" 
     c. Any threats to the Endangered Species Act
3.) Will You Commit to Collecting 10 Pairs of Shoes for HEC?

Our Shoe Drive has been extended through the end of May. Will you commit to collecting 10 pair of gently-used shoes and drop them off at one of our Shoe Drive locations?
  • Guys & Gals Quarters - 22 Saratoga Drive, Batesville (Mon & Fri 9a-6p, Tu, Wed, Th 9a-8p, Sat 8a-3p)
  • Sage, a salon - 2210 E. Southport Rd., Indianapolis (Tu, W 12-8, Th 11-7, F 10-6, Sat 10-4)
  • Sundance - 47 Elm Street, Zionsville (anytime, collection box in vestibule)
  • Aqua Serene Wellness - 301 E. Carmel Dr., Ste. C-100, Carmel (Tu-Th 10-6:30, F-Sat 10-3:30)
  • HEC - 3951 N. Meridian St., Ste. 100 (Mon-Fri 8a-5p, collection box in vestibule on lower level of NUVO building)
New HEC Green Businesses

We want to give a big shout-out to our new and renewing HEC Green Businesses listed below! Pay them a visit and thank them for supporting our work!
Keeping Afloat
Hoosier BBQ Grill Clean - Indianapolis
Purrfect Play - Chesterton

Sowing the Seeds
Classic Cleaners - Indianapolis

Get on the Bus
BRICS - Indianapolis

emPowering Progress
Garden Tower Project - Bloomington
4.) Join the HEC Team!

HEC's team is expanding!   HEC is seeking a dynamic, warm, and experienced individual to join us as a full-time "Development and Administrative Coordinator" to play a key role on our development team.   The position description can be viewed here . We encourage friends of HEC to apply and to spread the word about this opportunity!
5.) Become More Engaged in Environmental Advocacy! 

Are you interested in getting involved at a deeper level? HEC has two opportunities for supporters to become more fully engaged with us and the work that we do!

1) Host a Greening Your Community event
Invite your friends, family, neighbors, and any others you like to a "house" party hosted by you, with the support of HEC's Staff! During a  GYC event, we will talk about the work that HEC does, maybe watch a short video or two, and have an open discussion about getting involved at a deeper level.

2) Become an HEC Environmental Advocate
Join our HEC volunteer program and learn how to be an effective advocate for Indiana's health and natural resources. We hold trainings in Indianapolis on the second Wednesday of each month - and we are willing to travel if you have a large enough demand in your community. Email our Outreach Coordinator, Amanda Shepherd, to learn more.

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