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Legislative Update - May 16, 2017
Governor vetoes higher education omnibus bill. Negotiations restart.

Governor Dayton stated last week that he would veto all of the Republican omnibus budget bills after negotiations halted. On Friday the Governor issued veto letters on the first five bills that were presented to him last week. On Monday, the remaining omnibus bills passed the Senate and House floors. At 6:37 p.m., the bills were presented to the Governor At 7:05 p.m., the governor signed his veto letters. The bills were returned to the Senate and House approximately 30 minutes later.

In his veto letter regarding the higher education bill, Dayton expressed his concerns that "At a time a significant state budget surplus, an investment of $318M (Governor's recommended funding level) in postsecondary student to help enhance the economic vitality of the State and secure our students future potential in the workforce and community simply makes sense. Further, while many other states are disinvesting in postsecondary education we gain an edge by investing." The bill presented to him provided for less than 39% of his original budget recommendation.

In the 3-page letter, Dayton outlines his specific concerns including, "Additionally, the lack of investment in core mission support at the University of Minnesota and campus support at Minnesota State risks the degradation of educational quality for our students. The bill exacerbates the situation for Minnesota State by setting the tuition rate rather than leaving that up to the appointed Minnesota State Trustee . This will likely lead to layoffs and diminished course offerings and support services on many campuses."

He also stated, "As we discussed the other day, a study or report on mandatory student fees should be sufficient rather than the prohibition in Article 2 Section 3. Student representative groups and Minnesota State and the University of Minnesota believe a prohibition will negatively impact·student life and the student experience will be degraded."

The Governor's full letter can be found HERE. The other veto letters can be found on the Governor's Legislative Tracker page - https://mn.gov/governor/resources/legislation/.

Negotiations between the Governor and the four legislative leaders are to resume Tuesday morning to try to reach a budget agreement and path forward before the end of the session.
Legislative Tools

Some fun tools to help during the home stretch of this year's legislative session:
  • Session Countdown - pull this up on your computer to count down the final minutes of this year's legislative session.
  • Legislative Dictionary - thanks to the kind folks at the Pioneer Press - a Minnesota Legislative dictionary has been created.
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This Week at the Capitol

Due to the fluid nature of the legislature, schedules may change. Meetings that will be streamed live, can be found HERE.

Tuesday, May 16

10:00 a.m.
House in Session

  • S. F. No. 943, (Senate Authors: Fischbach and Clausen. House Authors: Nornes and Bernardy. Companion to H. F. No. 2080.) A bill for an act relating to higher education; appropriating money for an education debt relief grant; requiring a report. 
  • S. F. No. 1456, (Senate Author: Miller. House Author: Garofalo. Companion to H. F. No. 1620.) A bill for an act relating to economic development; temporarily modifying the restrictions on use of Minnesota investment fund local government loan repayment funds. 

10:00 a.m.
House State Government Finance
10 State Office Building
Agenda: HF565 (O'Driscoll) - Public retirement; MSRS, TRA, PERA, St. Paul Teachers Retirement Fund Association, and various other provisions modified.

HF 565 4A amendment.pdf
HF 565-1E Bill Summary.pdf
HF 565 3A amendment.pdf

10:15 a.m.
House Ways and Means
200 State Office Building

  • HF1636 (Johnson) - Isanti County; Trunk Highway 65 segment designated as Chip A. Imker Memorial Highway.
  • HF892 (Urdahl) - Public land and building acquisition and improvement spending authorized, previous appropriations modified, new programs established and existing programs modified, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

Bonding 5-15-17 (3).pdfH0892A47.pdf
Budget Resolution 2017 5 16 change.pdf

11:00 a.m.
Senate in Session

  • H.F. 1400(Housley)Nursing assistant training and competency evaluation reimbursable expenses provisions modification
  • H.F. 2287(Anderson, B.)Claims against the state appropriation
  • H.F. 985(Limmer)Real property owners duty to trespassers specification
  • H.F. 1242(Mathews)Proposed ordinances affecting business licenses notice requirement
  • H.F. 1443(Utke)Insurance fraud provisions modifications
  • S.F. 1568(Limmer)Legislative commission on data practices expiration date delay authorization
  • H.F. 740(Ingebrigtsen)Motor vehicle franchise successor agreements; vehicle manufacturers, distributors and factory branches unfair practices establishment
  • H.F. 1418(Jasinski)Lottery prize provisions clarification and budget and expenses provisions
  • H.F. 1717(Weber)Omnibus agriculture policy and technical provisions modifications; dairy law reorganization
  • S.F. 788(Ingebrigtsen)Body camera recordings prerequisite of pretrial filing of transcript for admission into evidence elimination
  • S.F. 1354(Latz)Police and firefighters civil service commissions and department employees provisions modifications

Wednesday, May 17

House in Session

  • H. F. No. 575, (Author: Urdahl. Companion to S. F. No. 396.) A bill for an act relating to capital investment; exempting the Lanesboro dam project from a nonstate contribution;  
  • H. F. No. 1227, (Author: Davids. Companion to S. F. No. 1218.) A bill for an act relating to taxation; making policy changes to corporate franchise taxes, property taxes, local government aids, sales and use taxes, special taxes, paid preparers, and other taxes and tax provisions;

Important Links:

  • Most recent bill introductions related to higher education (compiled by Government Relations team) can be found HERE (updated 4/24/17)
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  • Many committee hearings and floor sessions are streamed live via the web or broadcast on television. More information and a schedule can be found HERE

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