Legislative Committee News concerning:
The Telehealth Law has passed in CT
but dental hygienists are not included as one of the many providers!

As you know, we have worked to request that “dental hygienist” be included in the definition of “telehealth provider”. We are now looking for a germane bill that would amend HB 5596 (now Public Act 21-9) in this regard. The amendment is very simple, inserting "dental hygienist licensed under chapter 379a of the general statutes," after “dentist licensed under chapter 379,” that, again, would further amend the new Public Act on Telehealth. 

There are several larger “clean-up” bills that will be typically passed at the end of the legislative session, and we will need our request for amendment to be added to one of them. The leadership will decide the specific bill number(s) involved and what goes in them. So, I cannot tell you as of now where our amendment will go. As you know, legislators have been hearing from dentists in opposition to this. 

Please keep the legislative contacts going by our members and build support for this ask. We are in touch with the committee leadership and full leadership in both chambers on this issue on a daily basis.

As you may know, legislators respond best to individuals who reside in their district and are constituents. The writer needs to tell them that right off the bat and write their home address.  Legislators are getting hundreds of emails a day now, most from outside their district which they complain about saying they cloud up their emails and cannot get their regular business done. So ours need to stand out with the local angle. 
Take Action!
Step 1: Find your legislator and their contact information.
  • The following specific legislators are key players for legislation on tele-health and it is most important that RDHs who live in these areas contact them ASAP:

  • Legislators for other towns can also be contacted; find their information by the link below:

Step 2: Personalize a brief email using this template as a guide:

Dear Sen./Rep. _______:

I reside in your district and live at: <street address & town, zip>. 

Public Act 21-9 updated Connecticut’s statute on Telehealth. That new law recognized and mentioned oral health services as being a priority, as well as included dentists as authorized providers of the service. I am writing to ask that you support adding dental hygienists to the definition of authorized providers in the law. Dental Hygienists are key members of the oral healthcare team and can provide multiple services to patients who use telehealth. We are working to identify an appropriate bill for this new language. Please let me know if you can support the inclusion of dental hygienists in Connecticut’s telehealth law. Thank you.


Home phone or cell

Step 3: Follow up to let us know that you've done your part to help!
  • Once you make a contact, please let our legislative team know of your conversation with a quick email to our Lobbyist, Linda & Legislative Chair, Marion stating your name, where you live and which legislator you contacted. This will enable us to track our efforts. 

 Thanks again for your efforts and supporting ADHA CT!
-Marion Manski, Legislative Chair