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The Iowa Senate's proposal to cut $19.3 million from the Regents institutions ($6.9 million from Iowa State University) for the current fiscal year was amended to $14.6 million and passed yesterday. While the amendment reduced the total cut to the Regent universities, the new language does not stipulate how these cuts would be distributed to Iowa State, leaving the decision up to the Board of Regents. The revised bill is now in the House for consideration.
The House has proposed its own bill that would take back $8.1 million from the Regents institutions, again leaving it up to the Board of Regents to determine how those cuts would be distributed. The bill has not yet made its way through committee for the House to consider.
At this point, we do not have a clear timeline as to when the House will consider its own bill or the Senate's version.
Both bills are a ways off from the Governor's recommendation which would result in a midyear loss of $2.5 million for Iowa State, but it's an improvement from the Senate's original proposal to slash Iowa State by $6.9 million.
Any slash in state funding will negatively impact the university as well as the state, but we are grateful to the 466 individuals who contacted their elected officials in opposition of budget cuts. You have proven to move the needle. With your continued support, we can continue to move in the right direction.
It's never too late to contact your legislators and urge them to vote against cutting funds for Iowa State University with only 4.5 months left in the fiscal year.
Additional updates regarding the legislative process will be provided as they become available.
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