Unraveling vWF: Blood's mysterious protein
A better understanding of how von Willebrand Factor functions could result in drugs that replace it in those who lack it. It could also lead to the development of new drugs or drug carriers that mimic the protein’s behavior for more effective drug delivery. A team of Lehigh researchers that includes Frank Zhang is working to characterize this mysterious protein. 

The discovery of the scutoid by an international team including Javier Buceta could advance understanding of cell topology and the field of regenerative medicine. Read More
Sabrina Jedlicka has taken the lead on growing Lehigh’s renowned Integrated Product Development program (IPD) into a campuswide, interdisciplinary capstone design program. Read More
Finding the 'hidden potentials' of the Lehigh experience
Through her advocacy work with the United Nations, bioengineer and Honors Convocation speaker Maryam Khan '19 has seized the opportunity to succeed beyond the classroom.

Researchers unlock biomechanics of how Ebola virus attaches to host
Anand Jagota and Frank Zhang have teamed up to better understand the biomechanics of Ebola virus-host cell adhesion. The project pairs Jagota’s expertise in computational molecular adhesion mechanics with Zhang’s focus in mechanosensing. 

More Bioengineering News
Sydney Yang '19 has received a 2019 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and will enter the bioengineering program at the University of Maryland, College Park. Read More

Also in the 2019 GRFP class: Alumna Daniella Fodera '18, who is currently pursuing graduate studies in biomedical engineering at Cornell University. Read More

PhD students Paula Camacho and Swetha Chandrasekar have been accepted to Lehigh’s 2019 Creative Scholarship Institute Program. Read More

2019 David and Lorraine Freed Undergraduate Research Symposium: Third place went to Lara Reid ’19 for “A Biomimetic Microfluidic Platform for Anti-tumor Drug Evaluation.” Nicole Malofsky ’19 was recognized with an honorable mention and the People’s Choice Award (voted on by symposium attendees) for “Developing Functionalized Bioresorbable Membranes Using Natural and Synthetic Polymer Blends.” Read More

2019 MSE Undergraduate Research Symposium: Annie Behre ’19 and Sydney Yang ’19 presented their research, with Behre receiving the award for “Largest Scientific Impact.”

Javier Buceta has been awarded a Faculty Innovation Grant (FIG) of $30,000 for his proposal entitled “Scutoids as a New Paradigm of Cellular Organization in Tissues: Biomechanics and Topology.”  Read More

The second annual Rossin College Awards Ceremony was held April 25. Congratulations to 2019 recipients Svetlana Tatic-Lucic ( Faculty Peer Mentoring Award), Javier Buceta (Excellence in Research Scholarship and Leadership Award) and Frank Zhang ( Interdisciplinary Research Excellence Award).  Read More

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